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The Most Data Backed GAMSAT course on the market

Published on
May 13, 2024

Pioneering GAMSAT Prep

When I officially founded Fraser’s in 2012 it was because something was fundamentally lacking in GAMSAT preparation. Now, 11 years later, we find ourselves at another crossroads in GAMSAT preparation and I am proud that yet again, we’re continuing to innovate, put students first, and raise the bar for others to follow.

Fraser's History And Immersive

10 years ago, there was nothing but Des (sorry GR and GS but you were both new too and hardly established). This wasn’t bad but equally, Des didn’t serve so many students who had specific learning needs, academic backgrounds, or
assumed levels of knowledge. Fast forward a decade and Fraser’s has pioneered a range of innovations that are now commonplace across the Market from Mock Exams to PBL’s, the first Question Bank to mimic the ACER layout, and an approach to Section 2 which literally all other companies have augmented, built off of, or, in the case of a few “renamed and repurposed”. With that in mind, I’m excited to share the most recent innovation in the hope that it will provide a new benchmark for students preparing for GAMSAT from 2023 onward.

Why We Built "Immersive"?

10 years of data has provided a lot of insights – insights we can deliver back to students with advances in our teaching methods. We also heard the market demand for a more accessible product from a price standpoint and a more flexible product for the BUSY modern student. So, we present to you a program that augments to your needs, adapts to your own personal profile, and allows you to build on your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses and it’s completely accessible from a price standpoint?

You only pay for what you need – and can adapt it as you go. No more broad brush or scatter gun approaches, from June 2023 you can dive into the Fraser’s Immersive program that grows with you and gives you exactly what you need.

What Does Fraser's Immersive Program Contain?

The Fraser’s Immersive Program is a culmination of everything students have told us they want more of along with data that tells us which questions are the highest yield, which educators are the best suited to deliver on given content, and how a students’ performance at a given point in time correlates to their future performance.

This includes:

Diagnostic Mini-Mocks to understand your early weaknesses across the Sections
25 x PBL classes. All online, recorded & manageable from a workload perspective
Our Skills-Centric ATLAS Materials for each Section to consolidate your PBL learnings
Section 3 Fundamentals ATLAS for students from non-science background
Our Full Question Bank with full written solutions & performance metrics
5 Mock Exams with Score Reports containing your GAMSAT Predicted Score for each Section
12 Mock Review Webinars to break down Mock questions & teach high-yield exam strategies
Facilitated Online Study Groups to form connections & keep you motivated in your studies
"Office hours” to provide dedicated support from our team of experts
Ability to book tutors at any point in time – whoever you want, whenever you want

We know this works – we beta tested it in March. Students told us they found the combination of our PBL classes and Mock Exams engaging & highly rewarding. They were also able to augment this learning outside of class using the ATLAS & Question Bank. Private tutoring was introduced as an optional component – and students enjoyed this ad hoc model as it suited their needs – both academically and financially. To all those who provided input – thank you. This is for you and hopefully, the service you’ve always wanted to see. All the things you love about Fraser’s, the richness and calibre of educators, quality of content, and holistic care with an accessible price tag and flexibility to adapt it as you go.

There’s nothing like this out there so we’re proud to provide this for you. We know there are more and more “exclusive” offerings with audacious claims (which we have never subscribed too – no one can guarantee performance except you) while at the same time low quality rush jobs are becoming more common with poor UI, UX and ultimately resulting in poor performance. In this iteration you lose none of the quality factors Fraser’s is famous for along with all of our legacy performance metrics.


For the Fraser’s Immersive Program, we were initially thinking $2499 to launch, keeping in mind it contains over 200 hours of content and our ongoing efforts to keep hourly rates low for students.But we want to go further – times are tough, the price of everything else is going up, and this is being passed along to consumers. As such, we are committed to accessibility and will be launching this at $1999 or $63.33/week over 30 weeks. An equivalent of sub $10 per hour of learning. However this is a limited time offer and will not last long so, best to take actions now.

We’d love to do what we did during COVID and make the program completely free (which we did when ACER screwed everyone over 3 days out from the GAMSAT...) but we can’t because unlike other companies, we don’t believe in free education as, unlike them, we respect teachers and educators. They deserve to be paid well, deserve superannuation and benefits, and deserve to be valued. That’s the difference in how we treat our staff and something we feel needs to be factored in when deciding where you’ll get your support for studies (if any).

Learn more about the Fraser's Immersive Course. We would love to hear your feedback as it is the fuel that drives everything we do.