Which Medical School Is The Best For You?

We built this powerful machine to help sort out the best medical school for you based on your GPA, preferences and more. Try it out!
Published on
May 6, 2021

For an aspiring doctor, choosing the right medical school is a decision that carries immense weight. It influences your education, future career trajectory, and even the type of doctor you'll become. To assist you in this crucial decision, we've crafted a tool tailored to guide you.

This tool offers insights based on various criteria, including location, school size, your GPA, and more. By utilizing this tool, you can gain a clearer perspective on which medical schools best align with your aspirations.

How Do Medical Schools Choose Applicants?

In Australia, the medical school selection process is stringent. Institutions seek candidates with stellar academic records and the intrinsic qualities of an exemplary doctor.

  • GPA & GAMSAT: Your GPA and GAMSAT scores are pivotal. They offer schools a snapshot of your academic prowess. Refer to our GAMSAT Average Score Cut-offs table to get a better understanding of GPA & GAMSAT Score cutoffs for different Uni’s over the years.
  • CASPer Scores & Portfolios: Certain universities factor in CASPer scores and portfolios, providing insights into your interpersonal skills and extracurricular milestones.
  • GEMSAS: The Graduate Entry Medical School Admissions System (GEMSAS) is integral to the application process. It's imperative to grasp how GEMSAS works
  • Interviews: Whether you face a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) or a panel interview, it's your platform to exhibit your passion, commitment, and aptitude for medicine.

How to Choose the Right Medical School?

While our tool provides a comprehensive analysis, there are other factors you should consider:

The place where you pursue your medical studies can significantly shape your journey. Being near home can offer emotional backing and often proves to be more economical, cutting down on accommodation and travel costs.

Moreover, the geographical setting of the school dictates the nature of clinical placements. For instance, urban schools might offer rotations in specialized city hospitals, while rural schools might provide a broader general practice experience.

  • Course Offerings: Look at the curriculum. Does it align with your interests? Some schools might offer more research opportunities, while others might focus more on clinical practice.
  • Fees Structure: Understand the different fee structures like CSP (subsidised), BMP, and Full Fees. For a detailed breakdown, visit our page explaining Medical School Fees.

Does it Matter Which Medical School You Go to in Australia?

Absolutely. While all medical schools in Australia provide a high standard of education, each has its unique strengths, culture, and reputation. The school you choose can influence your networking opportunities, research prospects, and even your post-graduate pathways.

Why Choosing the Right Medical School Matters

It's not merely about prestige or rankings. It's about identifying an institution where you'll flourish - academically, socially, and personally.

  • Impact on Future Career Opportunities: Your school choice can steer your specialty choices, research avenues, and networking opportunities. Some schools might be renowned in particular medical domains, paving the way for specialized training and job prospects.
  • School's Culture, Location, and Size: Every medical school exudes a unique culture. Some might champion research, while others might accentuate clinical practice. The location can shape your lifestyle, living costs, and clinical experiences. Similarly, the school's size can influence resources, student-to-teacher ratios, and the overall educational ambiance.

Applying to Medical School?

If you are thinking or in the middle of applying to medical schools, be sure to read Fraser’s Ultimate Guide to Medical School Applications. Also, make use of our free Interview Atlas.

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Which Medical School Is The Best For You?

We built this powerful machine to help sort out the best medical school for you based on your GPA, preferences and more. Try it out!

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