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Our vision is to help medical healthcare professionals reach their aspirations and in doing so, facilitate the “future doctor”, “future nurse”, “future dentist”, and “future X” no matter what role they play in this incredibly important societal system.

Our Story

From inception to one of the biggest providers of medical exam prep education in Australia, this is the story of how Fraser's Medical came to be.

October 2011

Fraser's GAMSAT

Dr Scott Fraser established Fraser’s GAMSAT in 2011 providing 1-on-1 help to GAMSAT Students. Since then Fraser’s has gone on to help over 3000 students into Medicine through the GAMSAT pathway. It is now recognised as the best GAMSAT content & tuition provider. As of 2021, 1 in 4 students sitting the GAMSAT were Fraser’s students & almost every GAMSAT student uses Fraser’s GAMSAT’s free Living LMS

January 2016

Fraser's Interview

Established in 2016 by Dr. Tom Kelly & Dr Scott Fraser, Fraser’s Interview training is the premium medical interview training organisation. Fraser’s Interview is the only organisation to provide University Mock Specific Interviews & Admissions Guidance for all universities by specialists from that university. Fraser’s Interview has become the Gold Standard for Medical Interview preparation with 1 in 2 applicants as Fraser’s students and with our new Interview ATLAS made Free.

January 2017

Fraser's UCAT

Established by Dr. Scott Fraser, Fraser’s UCAT provides more than just basic questions and strategies, but goes beyond to provide in depth training & guidance for an exam that is often labelled as “impossible to improve on”. Fraser’s UCAT students consistently perform above the median with the average Fraser’s UCAT student’s score being 22 percentile points above the median.

January 2020

Fraser's Medical

Established in 2017, Fraser’s Medical’s purpose is to go beyond providing help for individual elements of the medical pathway journey. As each individual's journey into medicine/health sciences is different, Fraser’s Medical provides personalised support throughout the complete journey into Medicine for each individual. Whether it be, the GAMSAT, ISAT, University subjects, UCAT, Interviews, Admissions guidance or anything else, Fraser’s Medical provides the guidance you need.

Fraser’s Medical have had students admitted into over 50 Universities across the Globe, many of which Fraser’s Medical is partnered with.

Our Leadership

Built by medical educators and students

Founded by Dr Scott Fraser, the leadership team at Fraser Medical ensures that the quality of our courses are the best that prospective medical students have access to.

Dr Scott Fraser
Founder & CEO

Dr. Scott Fraser PhD, the Founder & CEO of Fraser's Medical, is a distinguished leader in the field of medical education. With a diverse background encompassing biomedical sciences, chemical engineering, and biochemistry, Dr. Fraser brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to his role.

Waleed Mussa
Former COO of Fraser's Medical | Co-Founder at Heidi Health

Waleed Mussa, former Chief Operating Officer at Fraser's Medical, brings a wealth of strategic expertise to the healthcare industry. With a background spanning Investment Banking, Telco, and Consulting, Waleed played a vital role in shaping Fraser's Medical's operations and growth strategies.

Dr Tom Kelly
Co-Founder & CEO at Heidi Health

Dr. Thomas Kelly, a visionary entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Heidi Health, a pioneering venture dedicated to advancing the world's transition to AI-supported healthcare.

Meghana Kandlakunta
Chief of Staff and Head of Operations

As the Chief of Staff at Fraser's Medical, Meghana adeptly coordinates and manages various educational initiatives, utilizing her organizational prowess and academic expertise to ensure smooth operations.

Akif Islam
Head of GAMSAT, Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor

Humanities Expert

Maha Gul Qazi
Lead Graphic Designer

As part of the Fraser's Medical team, Maha specializes in creating captivating marketing materials, developing engaging social media content, and designing effective advertisements for both online and print media.

Anu Varghese
Operations Specialist at Fraser's Medical

Anu Varghese is a seasoned professional with six years of experience in the field. With a result-oriented approach, Anu has managed the entire marketing lifecycle, from tapping prospects to planning campaigns and conducting marketing research.

Hayba Abouzeid
Section 1 and 2 Academic Co-ordinator

Humanities Academic Co-ordinator

Anjana Ravi
Section 3 Manager & Senior Tutor

Monash Medical Student

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