Free UCAT Practice Exam: Comprehensive

This UCAT Diagnostic Exam can predict your UCAT score, assessing each of the 5 subtests
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December 22, 2020

How to Best Determine the Credibility of UCAT Prep Materials?

Although introduced to Australia and New Zealand in 2019, the UCAT or populalry known by its historic name, UKCAT has been the foundation of the medical school admission process in the UK for over 13 years. Hence, the abbreviation, UKCAT.

Both UCAT ANZ and UKCAT differ only in their denominations, but overall the testing format, structure and test timings are exactly the same. Therefore, there are plenty of online preparation resources available to support your UCAT study

But, how can you decide what works best for your goals and aspirations in the UCAT? Does the practice material succinctly compile previous years questions? And, does it give you an overview of your strong and weak segments within the UCAT? If these important questions are not addressed in your chosen prep materials, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

And what better way to begin your search than our UCAT Practice Exam that is available free of charge, and gives you an insight into your UCAT readiness! The practice test questions will challenge you similarly to the actual UCAT exam, defining the difficulty levels and the subsequent guidance you need to excel in the UCAT.

How Can this Practice Exam Tool Improve Your UCAT Study Process?

Let’s begin by establishing that this comprehensive practice tool will take you approximately 30-minutes to complete, and by the end of it, you will be able to map out the consecutive preparation courses you must undertake for a highly targeted UCAT study plan

  1. The practice test features UCAT questions that you are bound to see on your UCAT test day.
  2. This tool includes every single UCAT subsection and provides you with an illustrative UCAT score that can be used to benchmark your progress against other test-takers to see how well you rank.
  3. This predicted UCAT score can further be useful to identify your existing skill sets and areas of weaknesses, which is something that you need to consistently monitor to improve your UCAT performance.
  4. The questions included in this tool are current, with a broad range of variations as well as a ticking clock to simulate the real testing environment.

Why are UCAT Practice Tests Important?

To put it mildly, it is crucial for a registerest UCAT test-sitter, as yourself, to be fully acquainted with the structure of the actual exam, which can easily be achieved through attempting practice tests. They also continue to give you an overview of the possible variations within each question-type, enhancing your learning experience to a great extent. 

Moreover, once you strengthen your theoretical knowledge of the UCAT, your next goal is to build relevant approaches and adapt to the diverse range of question themes you are likely to encounter. The UCAT Practice Exam enables you to experiment across different tried-and-tested strategies, to really pin down on what works and doesn’t work in the UCAT. 

Remember that each student has different cognitive capabilities, hence, practice tests can only help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses, but they are not the only resources you must utilise during your UCAT study. It is important to engage in mocks and mini-mock exams, question banks and continuously improve your skill range through activities that work best for you.

This comprehensive practice test gives you a predicted UCAT score that can help you draw an analysis between subtests you find difficult and those that require minimal effort from you. 

Check out this comprehensive practice test to obtain an approximate UCAT score, and understand your strong points in the UCAT!

Here’s How You Can Reach Your Full Potential in Your UCAT Prep..

We at Fraser’s offer a range of UCAT preparation courses that caters to all types of learners, fresh out of their high school. The course inclusions are carefully designed to help you achieve your UCAT goals.

Within our courses, we also provide an exclusive provision for a UCAT mentor. Each student is assigned a personal mentor who works on the student’s schedule and provides continuous guidance on how one can improve within and beyond the UCAT. 

Simply, book a chat with one of our UCAT mentors for free and build a UCAT study routine that can help you live your medical dream!


You are never too late to begin your UCAT prep. With our concentrated and comprehensive UCAT course packages, you can enjoy the broad range of course privileges, from weekly skill workshops, unlimited access to our Online ATLAS and mock exams replicating the standard of the actual exam itself.

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