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2 x Diagnostic Mini Mocks

You are provided with 2 x Diagnostic Mini Mocks to complete at any time throughout your preparation. These Mini-Mocks have been carefully curated to target all GAMSAT skills at all levels, and thus are a great resource to complete when you are looking for guidance on what skills & areas to target next in your prep.

Fundamentals Atlas: Section 3

Skill Centric Atlas: S1, S2 & S3

Fraser’s Skills-Centric ATLASes are a library of resources - videos, questions, walkthroughs and theory - designed to help you build your GAMSAT skills in a targeted psychometric manner. Each Sectional ATLAS breaks down the GAMSAT into respective core skills that are required to excel in the Section - allowing you to attack the GAMSAT in a targeted & skills-based manner.

Science: with a Section 3 Focus

There is no reward in knowing and rote learning mundane science facts when it comes to section 3 assessment, and so when learning the sciences for the GAMSAT, this must be taken into consideration. Focus should be directed to a GAMSAT approach that learns content in such a way that it will benefit the skills being assessed. The Fundamentals Atlas dissects the necessary elements of background knowledge and prepares the user in a way of actual benefit to section 3.

1x Full Mock Exam

Deeper Practice

The mock exams ensure skills and tactics are rigorously assessed, and opens the opportunity to further develop performance and assess the execution of tactics.

GAMSAT Context

The mock exams are rigorously designed to ensure the development of skills needed for the real exam.


Each question is tagged and analysed to provide a holistic report on progress in the key areas of exam grading.

The Right Platform

With mock exams that simulate the true layout, the edges of logistics are removed and a smoother approach to mock examinations are utilised.

Complete Question Bank with Skills-Based Filters & Analytics

Access thousands of GAMSAT-style questions, and filter based on a particular skill or text type (e.g. poems) that are you targeting. Every question you complete on your LMS is recorded to provide you with live analytics of your strengths & weaknesses across all the Sections, and which areas you should target in your GAMSAT prep.


Target preparation with a question bank centered around the core GAMSAT principles and improve your problem solving skills.

Expanding Bank of Questions

Season by season the question bank is refined through a process of question type appraisal, and volume expansion.

Granularity to Preparation

With the question bank tagging system, a user can specifically prepare for the exact style of question of interest.

Real-time Tracking

Analyse personal trends and measure performance throughout your question bank journey.

Solutions; Not Just Answers

The question bank includes in-depth solutions to specifically detail how the answer was obtained.

Section 2 Practice

The hand-picked section 2 prompt set is a collection of prompts that complement training and provoke development in key writing domains.

Build Your Own Course - BOLT ONS!

You are entitled to bolt on any additional resources based on your need. This could be Private Tutorials, Mentoring Sessions, extra Mock Exams or extra classes. In this way, you are able to customise a Fraser’s course exactly to your needs - focusing on high-yield resources that help you best!

Access to Fraser’s Resources for one GAMSAT sitting

As a Fraser’s Student, you are entitled to utilise your Resources for one GAMSAT sitting.

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Throughout all stages of applications, students remain informed and well prepared for all requirements. Knowing what is needed for a successful applicant ensures less time is wasted on information sourcing, and more time is focussed on self-development.


Tough times are inevitable. Regardless of the challenges, the Fraser’s Family has the right student support and resources to ensure you are well assisted throughout your journey.


Tutors at Fraser’s understand your trials as they too have been in your shoes. Our empathetic and talented team ensures classes are run specifically with one overarching goal in mind: your success. They have succeeded, and now they want it for you.

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Frequently asked questions

How long can I access the Essentials Package Resources?

You can access the Essentials resources for a period of 4 months or until the next GAMSAT, whichever one is longer. This ensures that you have ample time to prepare and review the materials before your exam.

If I upgrade to a premium course, is there a provision to adjust the fee I've already paid?

Absolutely, if you decide to upgrade from the Essentials Package to any of our premium courses, the price you paid for the Essentials Package will be deducted from the fee of the premium course. This ensures that you only pay the difference when upgrading.

What types of questions and content are included in the GAMSAT Question Bank of the Essentials Package?

The Complete Online Question Bank in the Essentials Package includes an expanding bank of GAMSAT-style questions that are refined season by season. It also includes hand-picked section 2 prompts that complement training and provoke development in key writing domains.

The question bank includes in-depth solutions, not just answers, and allows you to prepare for the exact style of question of interest through a tagging system.

Do I get mock exams with the Essentials Package?

Yes, the Essentials Course includes one Full Mock Exam that simulates the GAMSAT layout. Additionally, if you're looking for more practice, you have the option to opt for the Essentials Mock bundle, which includes the Essentials Course plus four additional mock exams. This bundle is perfect for those seeking extensive practice and familiarity with the GAMSAT exam format.

What is the difference between Essentials Package, Essentials Mock Bundle and Essentials Pro Bundle?

The Essentials Package,  Essentials Mock Bundle and Essentials Pro Bundle, and are all designed to provide a comprehensive and effective GAMSAT preparation experience. However, they each offer unique features to cater to different learning needs.

  • The Essentials Package is a self-paced learning program that includes a Complete Online Question Bank, a Fundamentals Atlas for Section 3, and a Full Mock Exam. It utilizes Dynamic AI Atlas Technology to personalize your study content, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to manage their own GAMSAT preparation.
  • The Essentials Mock Bundle includes everything in the Essentials Course, plus 4 additional mock exams. This bundle is ideal for those who want to experience the pressure and environment of the real GAMSAT exam to better prepare themselves.
  • The Essentials Pro Bundle takes the Essentials Course a step further by adding 4 additional mock exams and 4 private tutoring sessions. This bundle is perfect for those seeking extensive practice and personalized guidance in addition to the self-paced learning resources.

As such, we recommend the Mocks Bundle for those who are confident in their skills across the Sections, and the Pro Bundle for those who have 1-2 key areas of weakness in a certain Section. The Essentials Package on its own provides students with our Skills-Centric ATLAS & Question Bank, but lacks the 4 additional Mocks provided within the Mocks Bundle, and the Private Tutorials of the Pro Bundle. 

What does the GAMSAT Essentials Package offer?

The Essentials Package is designed for individuals who prefer self-paced learning and wish to take charge of their own GAMSAT preparation. It's a powerful alternative to outdated preparation books, launched to revolutionize self-study for the GAMSAT.

With regularly updated content and cutting-edge Dynamic AI Atlas Technology, the course provides an effective self-preparation experience.

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