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Fraser's Interview Training isn't just another interview prep program. We are the pioneering institution that revolutionized mass-scale interview training for aspiring medical professionals. With over 100 expert tutors and an unmatched 82% success rate, FIT has helped over 4,000 students achieve their medical school dreams


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The Frasers Interview Advantage

Built and Taught by Medical Students

Gain insights directly from those who have navigated the medical school interview process themselves.

Unparalleled Resources

Access over 100 hours of free atlas content and a vast library of interview resources to ensure you're fully prepared on interview day.

Self practice

Mock Interviews

Buy one of our mock interviews for you to self practice and prepare yourself for the specific university you're

General Mock Interview


Not sure which university to specifically prepare your interview for? Buy a general mock interview to set yourself up for sucess no matter where you apply
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University Mock Interview
Buy a mock exam for your specific university
Prepare for your medical school interviews with precision and insight through Fraser's University-Specific Mock Interviews.

Designed to mirror the interview experience at your preferred institutions, our university-specific mocks offer a focused exploration of the unique questions, ethics, and ethos of each medical university across Australia.
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Our Comprehensive Packages

Our comprehensive packages are designed to support you through the final hurdle of your medical education. Whether you're a local or international student, our courses are set up for you to ace your medical school admissions interview.

CASPer Program
Navigating the CASPer exam can be challenging, but Fraser's Medical offers the guidance and support you need to excel.
Payment plans available
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2 Private Tutorials
Full Fraser's Interview ATLAS
4 CASPer Mock Exams and Solutions
In-depth Look into the 10 CASPer Competencies
And More ...
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Comprehensive Package
Empowering Early Preppers.
Payment plans available
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Initial Mentoring Chat
3 Mocks - 1 General and 2 university specific
3 Private Tutorials
Pro-Rata Money Back Guarantee
Performance Guarantee
And More ...
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International Comprehensive Package
Embark on your journey to interview success with Fraser's International Students Comprehensive Program
Payment plans available
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Unlimited Mock Interviews
10 x Private Tutorials
Online Resources
Monthly Mentoring with Dr. Scott Fraser:
Performance Guarantee
And More ...
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Our Team

See the tutors who will be helping you get the Interview results you're after

Anjana Ravi

Section 3 Academic Co-ordinator

Dr Tom Kelly

Co-Founder & CEO at Heidi Health

Dr Scott Fraser

Founder & CEO

Kaiwen Cabbabe

University of Melbourne Medical Student

Emma Fisher

UQ Medical Student

William Wood

Section 2 Tutor

Toritse Mojuetan

Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor

Tony Zhang

Section 3 Tutor

Shabnam Mohamad Shafiq

Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor

Meghana Kandlakunta

Chief of Staff and Head of Operations

Angus Armstrong

Section 1 & Section 3 Tutor

Dr. Emily Vohralik

Section 1 & Section 3 Tutor

Katya Johnson

Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor

Kieran Fleming

Senior Section 1, & Section 3 Tutor & GAMSAT Mentor

Cooper Seiffert

Section 2 Tutor

Blair-Etian Thomas

Section 3 Tutor

Anjana Ravi

Section 3 Manager & Senior Tutor

Akif Islam

Head of GAMSAT, Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor

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