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UCAT Diagnostic Mock

Equip students with our UCAT diagnostic exam, identifying strengths and areas for growth to boost readiness and success

Onboarding Chat

Map out a personalized roadmap tailored to your students unique strengths and areas for improvement.

Access to Comprehensive Online Learning Materials

Provide students with unlimited access to a wealth of online resources, including video lectures, practice questions, study guides, and Weekly Quizzes.

Question Bank of almost 4K questions

Dive deep into each concept, refine UCAT understanding, and conquer every challenge with confidence.

Online Group Classes Per Term (4 sessions, 2 hours each)

Engage students in live, interactive sessions led by expert instructors. Covering key UCAT concepts and strategies, these classes provide students with the guidance and support they need to excel in their exam preparation.

Interview Preparation Classes (2 sessions, 2 hours each)

Prepare students for the interview component of their medical school application process. Delivered in Term 3

Frequently asked questions

Who is the UCAT Educator Core Program designed for?

The UCAT Educator Core Program is designed for schools that want to equip their aspiring medical school students with a robust UCAT preparation program. It is ideal for educators seeking to enhance their students' readiness for the UCAT exam and the medical school application process by providing comprehensive and tailored support.

How does the UCAT Educator Core Program empower educators?

The UCAT Educator Core Program empowers educators by providing them with a structured and effective tool to support student success in UCAT preparation. You can leverage the program's resources, including live group classes, interview preparation sessions, and extensive online learning materials, to enhance your students' understanding of key UCAT concepts and strategies.

What is included in the UCAT Educator Core Program?

The UCAT Educator Core Program offers schools a comprehensive online UCAT preparation solution. It includes access to a vast question bank of almost 4,000 questions to help students dive deep into UCAT concepts and conquer challenges.

Additionally, schools receive onboarding chats to map out personalized roadmaps for students, a diagnostic mock exam to identify strengths and areas for improvement, online group classes per term for interactive guidance, interview preparation classes, and unlimited access to comprehensive online learning materials.

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