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May 1, 2024

Early Access to LMS Resources

May 18, 2024

Early Access to LMS Resources

Jun 12, 2024

Jun 8, 2024

Private Tutorials & Mentoring

Jun 13, 2024

Weekly Marked Essays

Jun 14, 2024

Mock A Submission Window

Jun 15, 2024

Jun 15, 2024

Bridging Course Classes

Jul 10, 2024

Jul 13, 2024

Bridging Course Classes

Aug 8, 2024

Jul 19, 2024

Bridging Course Classes

Aug 5, 2024

Aug 9, 2024

Mocks 1 & 2 - Honing your exam strategy

Aug 19, 2024

Aug 23, 2024

Mocks 3 & 4 - Simulating the GAMSAT:

Sep 8, 2024

Sep 13, 2024


Sep 15, 2024

Until the end of the March 2025

Mar 31, 2025

Access to essential resources


Extra pre-PBL classes & early access to Immersive resources

Sign up to the course before 15 June 2024 to receive our Head Start Classes, as well as receiving early access to your Immersive resources

Headstart Sprint

From 28 May - 9 June get free Headstart classes for signing up early. The Head Start classes involve 3 x live 2 hour live webinars each week which cover the core fundamentals of attacking GAMSAT questions. These pre-PBL classes are essential for anyone looking to get a head start on their GAMSAT prep for September.

Onboarding Chat & Ongoing Mentoring Guidance from Akif

After joining the Comprehensive Course, you will have an introductory video chat with Akif  - the Head of our GAMSAT Program at Fraser’s. In this chat, you can introduce yourself to him, and he can begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to GAMSAT skills based on his years of experience and teaching in the space. As you engage with Fraser’s resources throughout the year, you can always consult him for guidance on how to break through challenging barriers in your preparation, and how to remain focused & positive psychologically through the rigours of your GAMSAT journey!

2x Diagnostic Mini Mocks

As a course student, you are provided with 2 x Diagnostic Mini Mocks to complete at any time throughout your preparation. These Mini-Mocks have been carefully curated to target all GAMSAT skills at all levels, and thus are a great resource to complete when you are looking for guidance on what skills & areas to target next in your prep.

Assess your GAMSAT skills at an early stage with our curated "half-GAMSAT" Mini-Mocks specifically designed to identify weaknesses and provide you with early areas for improvement.

Skill Centric Atlas: S1, S2 & S3

Fraser’s Skills-Centric ATLASes are a library of resources - videos, questions, walkthroughs and theory - designed to help you build your GAMSAT skills in a targeted psychometric manner. Each Sectional ATLAS breaks down the GAMSAT into respective core skills that are required to excel in the Section - allowing you to attack the GAMSAT in a targeted & skills-based manner.

Fundamentals Atlas: Section 3

The Advantage for Section 3

The GAMSAT is a skill-focussed exam, and section 3 is no exception. Nevertheless, there is a degree of background science and mathematics knowledge that is expected for the section. For those not from a science background or feel as though a refresher is in order, the Fundamental Atlas is of great benefit. This Atlas is specifically dedicated to the background knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics & mathematical skills needed for section 3.

20 x S1, S2 & S3 Live Bridging Classes

Classes (Online OR In-person depending on package)

The focus is on building the fundamentals of your GAMSAT journey - learning how to break down a poem, plan an essay, attacking a physics stem and so on - before we move on to increasing the volume of questions in the PBL phase.


The focus is on building the fundamentals of your GAMSAT journey - learning how to break down a poem, plan an essay, attacking a physics stem and so on - before we move on to increasing the volume of questions in the PBL phase.


Plan your GAMSAT preparation around your life with flexible class times available and class recordings posted online after the session

Every class recorded onto your LMS

Every Fraser’s class is recorded and uploaded to your LMS within 24 hours so you never have to worry about missing classes. This enables you to catch up on the course if you are behind, or revise challenging content in class by re-watching recordings and pausing for your understanding.

22x Private Tutorials

Private Tutorials to use across any sections

Weekly Marked Essays with predicted S2 GAMSAT Scores

As an Immersive Student, you can submit 2 x Weekly Essays to our S2 Assessment Team, responding to prompts provided to you by the S2 Team on your LMS. These essays are returned to you in 4 days, marked according to the Fraser’s rubric, giving you a mark in each section of our rubric to identify areas for improvement, as well as an overall predicted GAMSAT score for S2, based on our historical data.

24 x Section 1, 2 & 3 Live Problem Based Learning Webinars

The core of the Fraser’s Immersive program are the PBL Webinars. In these 2 hour live classes, expert tutors from each section focus on the underlying psychometric skills required to excel in the GAMSAT, bringing a skills-targeted approach to your GAMSAT prep. These classes involve a combination of you completing new, GAMSAT-style questions in real-time, as well as live explanations & walkthroughs from tutors to help you build your GAMSAT skills in an incremental and purposive manner.

6 x Full Online Mock Exams

As a Comprehensive Student, you are entitled to 6 x Full Fraser’s Online Mock Exams. These exams are designed to replicate the GAMSAT - with stems across all GAMSAT skills & levels, and presented in a similar layout as your actual GAMSAT exam, to stress-team your GAMSAT preparedness under exam conditions. After each exam, you are provided with a GAMSAT Score Report - which details your overall predicted GAMSAT score, as well as a predicted GAMSAT score in each section, which is calculated based on thousands of student data over the past decade.

12 x Live Mock Review sessions

12 Mock review Webinars

To supplement your GAMSAT Score Report after each Mock, Fraser’s also runs a Live Mock Review Webinar for each Section after each Mock. In these 2 hour classes, a panel of lead tutors take you through the most challenging stems in each Mock, exhibiting exam strategies and tweaks that you can apply to hone your GAMSAT performance.

These review sessions will follow your Simulated Mock Experience and go through challenging Mock exam questions and high yield exam strategies in the weeks before the GAMSAT - all delivered by high scoring tutors.

Comprehensive Performance Guarantee

As a Comprehensive Student, if you successfully complete the Comprehensive Course and do not score 65 or over in your GAMSAT, we will enroll you in the full Immersive Program for the next GAMSAT for free! For students who score 65 and over in their GAMSAT, you will retain access to your Essentials resources - your ATLAS & Question Bank - for two consecutive GAMSAT sittings after signing up to the Comprehensive Course. Comprehensive Resources for all students - Classes, Mocks, Tutorials & Mentoring - expire after one GAMSAT sitting.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Comprehensive Performance Guarantee work?

If you successfully complete your Comprehensive Online Program by attending the vast majority of your Classes, Tutorials & Mock Exams, and do not score 65 or over in your GAMSAT exam, we will enrol you in our Immersive Program for free in the next GAMSAT. Find out more here.

How do Fraser’s Private Tutorials work?

Fraser’s Private Tutorials are 1-on-1 online sessions for 1 hour with an educator from our GAMSAT Team. They can be booked online via your LMS where you can pick any Tutor of your choice in any Section that you wish. In these Tutorials, the focus is on addressing areas of weakness. Typically the tutorial will begin with a discussion of the challenges you have encountered. Afterwards, the tutor will walkthrough strategies and approaches to combat these weaknesses, before you practice together on questions to internalise the new approach.

How do the Online Classes work? What if I want to upgrade to In-Person Classes?

Each Fraser’s Online Comprehensive Class occurs over Zoom for 2 hours on weeknights, from 7:30 - 9:30pm (AEDT). In these classes, there will be two Fraser’s staff present who work through academic content, and you will have plenty of time to ask questions & speak. These classes are recorded and uploaded to your LMS within 24 hours for those who are unable to attend live. For those who prefer In-Person classes, you are able to upgrade to the In-Person Comprehensive Course for an additional $600.

How many hours per week do I need to commit for the Comprehensive Online Program?

Each week, there are roughly 15 hours of live classes. Alongside this, there are about 5-10 additional hours of post-class homework and reflection - totalling 20-25 hours per week.

I am sitting the GAMSAT for the first time - is this program right for me?

Yes, the Fraser’s Online Comprehensive Program is constructed for first-time sitters. The first phase of the program are the Bridging Courses - which teach the fundamentals of how to approach questions in each Section. From there, we move onto Problem-Based Learning Classes, where the focus is on applying these fundamentals to more questions. The final phase of the Program are the Mock Exams where we emphasise game-day simulation and strategy. This structure & guidance throughout each phase of the Program is invaluable for first-time sitters looking for a way to approach and tackle the GAMSAT.

What does the Fraser’s Online Comprehensive Program offer?

The Fraser’s Online Comprehensive Program represents our legacy battle-tested course that has been redesigned to meet the needs and preferences of the burgeoning online student community. It is an end-to-end course which provides a cost-effective learning from experienced GAMSAT educators for less than $10 per hour. The focus of the program is on deconstructing the GAMSAT using a psychometric skills-based & personalised method to make the GAMSAT approachable for candidates from all academic backgrounds.

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