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GAMSAT & GPA Average Score Cutoffs

Published on
May 2, 2024

The table below provides the average GPA and GAMSAT values for cohorts beginning in 2023 in all postgraduate MD programs in Australia. Importantly, these values do not represent cut-offs for universities that do not use a cut-off system.

Each university has a different number of positions available, for CSP (commonwealth supported places), BMP (bonded medical places) and FFP (Full Fee Places). To understand more about the application process, read our Medical School Applications Guide, which details the types of positions available in the various medical schools and how to apply through GEMSAS or otherwise.

Additionally, to get a better idea of how you will fare in the application process, consider how the GAMSAT is scored and how some universities use weighted vs unweighted scores. Finally, note that some universities have specific requirements for their applications such as the Portfolio used by The University of Wollongong and the CASPER test by both Wollongong and Notre Dame. This is all outlined in our Applications Guide.

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