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From simple beginnings, Fraser's Medical now covers all aspects of Medical and Dental School preparation. From entrance exams like the GAMSAT, UCAT, and ISAT, to Interviews and Psychometric testing with expertise in the Australian, New Zealand, Irish, and United Kingdom application systems.

Frasers GAMSAT

Prepare for the GAMSAT with Fraser's

Fraser's GAMSAT, is recognized globally as the gold standard for GAMSAT practice. Through relentless innovation, we've grown from a niche resource into the world's leading authority on GAMSAT preparation.

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Enrol in our bi-annual live courses to be taught by our expert tutors, all who have passed the GAMSAT themselves.

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Buy our essentials bundle to set yourself up for the best resources to self learn for your next GAMSAT sitting.

Where Your Postgraduate Medical, Dental or Optometry Journey Begins
Frasers ucat

your one-stop shop for UCAT mastery.

We understand the unique challenges high school students face in balancing UCAT and ATAR. That's why we offer a spectrum of UCAT prep solutions tailored to your learning style and goals.

Individualized Courses

Propel yourUCAT score to new heights with a personalized study plan that maximizes your strengths and addresses any weaknesses.

Educator Courses

Is your school committed to nurturing future medical professionals? Bring Fraser's UCAT in to empower the next generation of medical leaders.

Personalized training to Undergraduate Medical and Dental Programs

Prepare for your Interview with Fraser

Mass-scale interview training for aspiring medical professionals. We have over 100 expert tutors and an unmatched 82% success rate, FIT has helped over 4,000 students achieve their medical school dreams.

Mock Exams

Purchase a general or university specific mock exam to prepare yourself for the interview for your specific medical school.

Comprehensive Courses

Join the thousands of aspiring doctors who have achieved their dream careers with our training programs.

Expert domestic and international interview training for aspiring doctors
Frasers ISAT

100% Success rate for international students

Our course is meticulously crafted to address those challenges and propel you towards ISAT dominance. We have the only 100% success rate in Australia with our ISAT program - that’s right! All of our cohort were successful in getting into their first preference medical schools in 2023!

Diagnostic Mock Exam

Start off by getting a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses from the very beginning.

Comprehensive support

Get the individualized support you deserve to truly master the ISAT and excel in your medical interview.

Personalised support for International Students applying to Undergraduate Medical and Dental Programs

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Through a combination of the best content & handpicked highly qualified tutors, Fraser’s Medical aims to provide the best standardised test & interview training for all medical & health science pathways.


Beyond education, Fraser’s Medical keeps you up to date with all the changing landscapes in the Medical spheres. With a range of Free content and events others would charge for, we are committed to helping you be informed and successful.


Fraser’s Medical is your peak body for navigating the Medical pathways. Whether you’re undergraduate, postgraduate, looking local or abroad, we have a team of experts and contacts that are unparalleled and can help you get where you want to go.

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Educating medical students for over 10 years

Founded by Dr Scott Fraser in 2011, Fraser's Medical has been committed to delivering the best medical education preparation for current and prospective medical students in Australia for over 10 years.

Dr Scott Fraser

Founder and CEO
"We empower students to reach new heights, not just get into Medical or Dental school. We're committed to fostering the next generation of Medical Health professionals who impact the future of Medicine and support them through the entirety of their career journey."

Hear from our students

1000s of students have had success with our medical education courses.

Fraser’s has provided me an amazing learning experience with inspirational tutors who are always prepared to answer your questions. Both the teaching and resources at Fraser’s were essential in building my confidence for the UCAT.



Very good in assisting those who are aspiring for medicine or dentistry pathway through UCAT examination preparation. The tutors are very informative, polite, understanding and relatable. The classes thoroughly provided an approach for preparation proceeding into the future. Despite the extreme hard work and perseverance required from every student aspiring to go down this pathway, Fraser’s UCAT has provided a stable and rigid foundation for the future.



The Fraser’s mock interview was invaluable in preparing me for the medical school interview and something I would strongly encourage any candidate to experience. The mock simulated real interview conditions with content tailored to my university, which gave me the confidence and reassurance that I was well equipped.



I really enjoyed the Fraser’s experience. I liked doing a mock exam every week up until the real thing and I think the GAMSAT would have been really stressful without that lead up.



I felt the questions provided were more difficult, and it is better to be over-prepared. The tutors were also friendly and approachable.



Fraser’s were really good in terms of communicating...I think they’re really adaptable and you can tell that the people running it do really care about the students doing well



The abundance of practice questions and mock exams were really helpful.



The thing that I love the most about the Fraser’s GAMSAT programs was how prepared they made me feel. After all the preparation I did, I felt calm and confident about the GAMSAT which was something I honestly didn’t think was possible.



The Frasers course and the support I was offered as a student, played a crucial role in helping me ace my medical school interview. Frasers made sure I knew exactly what to expect, provided valuable strategies to tackle varied scenarios and above all, gave me confidence at every step of the journey. The tutors are experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely want to help you achieve your dream to get into medicine!



My tutors, who I worked with, knowing these guys got amazing scores, were able to explain things in a digestible fashion and break things down for me. It made me feel more confident.



Signing up for Fraser’s was definitely one of the best decisions I made in helping me get into Med school. The online portal was invaluable and was most beneficial for me. It was extremely comprehensive, well organized and regularly updated. The mock interviews were a great way to test what I had learnt. The course overall gave me a platform of stability during an extremely hectic and stressful period of my life.



I have been a long-time student of Frasers, and progressing with them was one of the best decisions I ever made. The interview mocks really encompassed the real life event, and gave me insight into being comfortable, genuine, and well-prepared for my MMI.



FIT was a good blend of theory and practice. We had 1 day of class where we went through the main types of stations (eg personal questions and ethical scenarios). The focus was on developing our own thought process rather than learning what to say in response to what question. The mock interviews were a great way to build confidence and receive instant feedback from a variety of different tutors.



I appreciated the number of strategies we can use to attack the questions and I liked the practice questions and the discussions about how to reach the answer. All of the tutors were very knowledgeable about the subsections and were helpful and engaging.



I really like that I was able to get not only advice and help for the UCAT but also general advice about other things from my mentor.



I did the Comprehensive and significantly improved across the two sits. It’s nice to have tutors that are like friends helping you out and not above you. Everyone’s really happy and seems like they genuinely care about how you’re doing and your ambitions.



My favourite part of the course was the PBLs. They were super challenging and they were really helpful in providing feedback for myself so I could focus on that in my own time.



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