The Medical Health Immersion Program

The Premier Medical Careers Advisory

We’re demystifying the Medical Health professions so students can make informed and inspired decisions about their future with confidence on where they’re going and how to get there.

Holistic - for Everyone!

Our Medical Health Immersion Day covers all angles and aspects of the Health system, helping students appreciate the broad range options available to them.

Through hands-on learning, simulation and role-play, students will appreciate the complexity of the healthcare system and the motivations for where they could fit.

Students leave empowered, inspired, but most importantly, informed about what the future could be. They’re no longer just aiming for a grade to get into a University; now they’re aiming for a career and appreciating the huge impact they can make no matter their choice.

Event Overview

Discover Career Options

Explore and appreciate all career paths within the Medical Healthcare space. Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities each play in the healthcare setting to find what’s right for them.

Appreciate Clinical Skills

Learn about the clinical side of healthcare in an immersive fashion, with live demonstrations, role-play, and engagement with clinical simulations.

See the Human Side of Health

Working alongside simulated patients and healthcare professionals, students will learn the crucial role empathy and in-person skills play in delivering positive clinical outcomes.

Monitoring & Optimization

Learn about the different ways in which students can pursue careers in healthcare in tertiary education and most importantly, the new and emerging pathways that will be there for them in the future.

Inclusive and Holistic

While Medicine is viewed as the prestigious career in society, we present the system as a noble pursuit. As such, students can appreciate how they can have a positive societal impact through a range of professions within the broader health scope making the workshop applicable to all students.

Future Focused

We utilise AI and other emerging medical technologies so participants can appreciate where Medical Health is going, which is where it will be when they get there!

Interactive and Fun

Unlike the usual Career’s lectures, our workshops allow students to delve deep into the medical setting and get hands on with a range of scenarios.

Hands On Training

Unlike the usual Career’s lectures, our workshops allow students to delve deep into the medical setting and get hands on with a range of scenarios.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are experts in Medical and Health education as well as Career’s advisory.

Careers Counsellors, Schools & Parents Love Us

We’ve run Fraser’s Medical Health Careers and Pathways program internally for 3 years. Our students love the mentorship, the access to advice as required, and the ability to understand the Medical space. Thanks to this program we rank equal #1 in Queensland for Academic Performance and first preference tertiary outcomes.

Mrs Louise Walls

Head of Careers at Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Working with Dr Fraser and his team has been fantastic for our students. Not only have they improved their performance but the support I and my team get helps us deliver the best for our school community.

Naomi Holley

Head of Careers at St Margaret's Grammar School

We’re a selective entry school so our parents are used to the best. Thanks to the amazing team at Fraser’s Medical we’ve been able to outpace the more prestigious Grammar schools and rank #1 in the ACT for Medical and Health tertiary outcomes.

Dale Casburn

Head of Careers at Radford College

Team Expertise

We bring our A-Team to you so you can guarantee an amazing, inspiring and career guiding experience for your students

Dr Scott Fraser
Founder & Chief Academic Advisor

Dr Fraser has over Founded Fraser’s Medical in 2010, and has supported thousands of pre-Medical/pre-Healthcare students. He is considered a world leader in advisory in this space and is now based out of the Middle East. He’s a published author with Cambridge University Press, an accredited UCAS advisor, and has formal International Career Pathways qualifications for the US system from The University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Jessica Smith
Director of The Medical Health Immersion Program

Dr Smith has traversed the British and Australian Education systems completing studies in both. Dr Smith has over six years experience teaching in Medicine, Science and Aptitude Tests and is currently finalising her PhD in Immunology and holds First Class Honours in Medical Education and Technologies.

Dr Ankit Chadhda
Senior Medical Educator

Dr Chahda graduated from Cambridge Medical School and loves teaching and developing content. He's just published a Series of Medical Textbooks by Imperial College London Press, and has a substack dedicated to supporting Medical students during their clinical years of study.

Specialists and Mentors

Our domain specialists come from Academia and Industry and span Medical, Dental, STEM, Legal, Business, Engineering and more. Equally, they have expertise in the UK including Oxbridge & Russell Group Universities, The USA and Ivy league Universities, The EU including Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and more, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Wherever our students want to go, whatever they want to do, we have mentors and advisors to help them along the way.

Event Schedule

Students will get an opportunity to virtually do ward rounds as they move between stations. Hands on exercises will include blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry and more. Students will interact with an AI patient themselves and appreciate the importance of good note taking and empathy. Students will appreciate the role of all members of a healthcare team in provision of patient outcomes. Students will get to come up with their own plan for discharging and managing the patient into the future.

15 min
Forum 1: Exploring Careers in Health
Total 155 min
Following the Patient Journey from All Perspectives

Students break into small groups and complete each station in turn

10 min
Pre Case Overview

Just like ward rounds

5 min
Station 1: Meet the Patient
15 min
Station 2: Nurse Assessment
20 min
Station 3: Doctor Assessment
15 min
Station 4: Imaging Technician
15 min
Station 5: Biomedical Scientist
15 min
Station 6: Physiotherapist
15 min
Station 7: Occupational therapist
15 min
Station 8: Dietician
15 min
Station 9: Discharge
15 min
Station 10: Report to Patient & Case Summary
15 min
Forum 2: Pathways into Health

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