Prepare for your medical school interviews with confidence and clarity through Fraser's General Mock Interviews. Each mock interview delves deep into your aspirations to become a doctor, exploring your passion for the field and your understanding of key healthcare issues, including rural, public, and general health concerns.



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Frequently asked questions

Is there a performance guarantee or refund policy for the General Mock Interviews?

While we do not offer a performance guarantee or refund policy for individual General Mock Interviews, our Comprehensive Interview course do include a performance guarantee. Completing the comprehensive course entitles you to a complimentary mock interview for the next interview season if you are not successful.

How will the General Mock Interviews benefit my interview preparation?

Our General Mock Interviews will boost your confidence, refine your interview techniques, and provide valuable insights into areas where you can improve. The personalized feedback and performance evaluation will not only help you identify strengths and areas for development but also highlight aspects to avoid saying or behaviors that may hinder your chances during the actual interview.

What types of questions can I expect during the General Mock Interviews?

During the General Mock Interviews, you can expect a variety of questions related to your motivation for studying medicine, your views on important healthcare issues, ethical dilemmas, and scenarios that test your communication and problem-solving skills.

Who conducts the General Mock Interviews at Fraser's?

Our General Mock Interviews are conducted by experienced interviewers who are well-versed in medical school admission criteria and interview formats. They offer personalized feedback and guidance to help you improve your interview performance.

What does the Fraser's General Mock Interview offer?

The Fraser's General Mock Interview offers a thorough practice session that simulates a real medical school interview. It focuses on exploring your motivations for pursuing medicine, assessing your understanding of key healthcare issues (such as rural, public, and general health concerns), and honing your communication skills.

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