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Frequently asked questions

What types of questions can I expect during the university-specific mock interviews?

The mock interviews cover a range of questions typical of specific medical universities in Australia. This includes exploring ethical scenarios, discussing healthcare-related issues, assessing personal motivations for pursuing a medical career, and more.

I'm trying to book a mock exam for a specific university, but it shows that the spots are sold out. What should I do?

If the spots for a specific university mock interview are sold out, please join our waiting list. We open new sessions based on demand and cancellations. Joining the waiting list ensures that you'll be notified promptly when new spots become available.

What does the feedback / performance report look like?

Our feedback report from the university-specific mock interviews will highlight your strengths, areas for improvement, and actionable insights to enhance your interview performance. It will provide detailed guidance on how to refine your answers and improve your overall interview approach.

Who conducts the University-Specific Mocks?

Our university-specific mock interviews are conducted by experienced Med interviewers experts who are familiar with the interview style, questions, and values of the respective medical universities. They strive to create a realistic interview environment to help you prepare effectively.

What does the Fraser's University-Specific Mock Interview Course offer?

The Fraser's University-Specific Mock Interview Course offers tailored mock interviews that closely mimic the interview experience at specific universities, providing a focused exploration of the unique questions, ethics, and ethos of each medical university across Australia.

Additionally, you will also receive personalized feedback and a performance report highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and actionable insights to enhance your interview skills.

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