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The ISAT can be a major hurdle, but Fraser's Medical is here to help you clear it with confidence, and guide you all the way to your first-choice medical program.

Unlike generic test-prep solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by international students. Our course is meticulously crafted to address those challenges and propel you towards ISAT dominance.


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A personalised focus on your success, from ISAT to medical interviews and beyond. Here's how we'll support you every step of the way:

Diagnostic Mock exam upon sign up

Get a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses from the very beginning.

Review and 30-min assessment on Mock exam:

We'll work with you to create a personalized study plan that addresses your specific needs.

Weekly Pre Work classwork

Set yourself up for success each week with focused pre-class assignments.

Weekly Post Class homework

Solidify your learning and identify areas for further improvement.

Private tutorials x2 weekly

Get the individualized support you deserve to truly master the ISAT and excel in your medical interview.

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We have the only 100% success rate in Australia with our ISAT program - that’s right! All of our cohort were successful in getting into their first preference medical schools in 2023!


I received comprehensive tutoring for both the GAMSAT and ISAT exams at Frasers, and I must say that the experience exceeded my expectations. The tutors at Frasers not only provided strong support and guidance during my preparation but went above and beyond to assist me in various aspects of my medical school application.

Meghana, in particular, deserves immense praise for her unwavering commitment to my success. She not only boosted my confidence but also wholeheartedly believed in me, which was truly motivating. She provided invaluable guidance and support throughout my GAMSAT and ISAT preparation, and her dedication played a pivotal role in my success.

Moreover, Frasers didn't just stop at exam preparation but also offered med interview training. This comprehensive approach ensured that I was well-prepared for all aspects of the medical school application process.

I am immensely grateful to Frasers, Meghana, and the entire team for their support, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone aspiring to pursue a career in medicine.

Daniel Kang

It was an amazing opportunity to prepare for my ISAT with Frasers, and despite ISAT being an unfamiliar exam to many of the local institutions in Australia due to the nature of the exam, Fraser's did their best to find suitable resources and tutors to fit to my needs!

Thanks to the hard work given by the tutors, I was able to achieve a satisfying result in the exam, and have gotten an interview offer to one of the universities offering medicine.

Though I only had few days to prepare for my interview, Frasers offered a comprehensive interview preparation sessions that led me to a final full offer from the university!

A huge thanks to all the tutors and Dr. Fraser for arranging all the programmes provided, and I would definitely suggest the platform to any aspiring medical practitioners needing a guidance to the preparation process
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Diagnostic Mock exam upon sign up
Review and initial 30 minute assessment on Diagnostic Mock exam
Weekly Pre Work class work
Weekly Post Class homework
Private tutorials x2 weekly
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Hayba Abouzeid

Section 1 and 2 Academic Co-ordinator

Dr Scott Fraser

Founder & CEO

Shabnam Mohamad Shafiq

Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor

Meghana Kandlakunta

Chief of Staff and Head of Operations

Dr. Hayba Abouzeid

Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor

Delaram Babaei

Section 3 Tutor

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