Strategy Weekend

A starter program designed to lay the groundwork for your success with a 4000Q UCAT Question Bank, a UCAT Diagnostic Mock and 15 UCAT Mini Mocks along with 3 Live Strategy Weekends throughout the year!




Strategy Weekend

Learning Journey

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Immediately after enrolment

Feb 1, 2023

• Diagnostic UCAT Mock • UCAT ATLASes & Mini Mocks

• Diagnostic UCAT Mock
• UCAT ATLASes & Mini Mocks


Jan 1, 2024

Strategy Weekend Sprint


Jun 1, 2024

Strategy Weekend Sprint


Jul 1, 2024



Aug 1, 2024

Up to 3 Live Strategy Weekends

Exclusive Strategy Weekends, strategically scheduled across all school holidays of the year. Immerse yourself in intensive workshops, unlock insider tips, and master the art of tackling the UCAT.

5 Diagnostic Mocks + 15 Mini Mocks

Sharpen your skills and fine-tune your approach under exam conditions. Each mock serves as a stepping stone towards perfection, guiding you towards peak performance on test day.


Refine your skills and exam approach with Fraser's UCAT Skills Atlas. Each video is a stepping stone to peak performance, preparing you for success on test day.

Question Bank of almost 4K questions

Dive deep into each concept, refine your understanding, and conquer every challenge with confidence.

Upgrade Bonus: Receive a $299 Credit Towards the Concentrated Program!

$299 Credit if you upgrade to the Concentrated program! This makes the Concentrated program $1799 or $90 a week for 20 weeks!

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade to a more comprehensive program after completing the Strategy Weekend?

Yes! Upon completing the Strategy Weekend program, you can upgrade to our Concentrated program and receive a $299 credit towards the upgrade. This allows you to continue your UCAT preparation with more extensive resources and support.

Who is the Strategy Weekend program designed for?

Our UCAT Strategy Weekend program is ideal for students looking to gain exposure to UCAT preparation and develop fundamental skills needed for the exam. It's a great starting point for those testing the waters and exploring the UCAT exam to understand its challenges and requirements.

What does the Strategy Weekend offer?

The Strategy Weekend program is designed to provide intensive preparation for the UCAT exam. It includes access to a comprehensive question bank of almost 4,000 questions, Fraser's UCAT Skills ATLAS, and 1 diagnostic mock exam along with 15 mini mocks to fine-tune your approach under exam conditions.

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