International Comprehensive Package

Embark on your journey to interview success with Fraser's International Students Comprehensive Program for Fraser's Interview. Tailored specifically for international students, this year-round program offers a comprehensive suite of resources to support your preparation and maximize your chances of success.




International Comprehensive Package

Learning Journey

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Immediately after enrolment

Oct 1, 2023

Onboarding Chat & Mentoring

May 1, 2024

Access to Applications & Interviews ATLASes

May 1, 2024

Private Tutorials

Jun 1, 2024

General Mocks

Jul 24, 2024

University Specific Mocks

Aug 2024

Aug 1, 2024

Interview Offers Released

Sept 2024

Sep 1, 2024

Interviews Occur

Unlimited Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect with unlimited mock interviews, allowing you to refine your skills and build confidence for the real thing.

10 x Private Tutorials

Dive deep into interview strategies and techniques with 10 private tutorials, providing personalized guidance and support tailored to your needs.

Online Resources

Access a wealth of online resources, including interview question banks, preparation guides, and video tutorials, to supplement your preparation and enhance your understanding.

Monthly Mentoring with Dr. Scott Fraser:

Benefit from ongoing support and guidance with monthly mentoring sessions led by Dr. Scott Fraser - a UCAS registered International Careers Advisor. Receive valuable feedback, advice, and encouragement to keep you on track and motivated throughout your preparation.

Pro-Rata Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase the course but don't receive an interview offer, receive a pro-rata money-back guarantee (get refunded for what you didn’t use). Plus, gain access to a special opportunity for extra tutorials and a complimentary Mock next season when you apply.

Performance Guarantee

Complete the course in its entirety and if not successful, receive a complimentary mock for the next interview season. While this guarantee typically doesn't affect many students, it provides additional peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a performance guarantee or refund policy for the International Students Comprehensive Program?

Yes, our program includes a performance guarantee. Complete the course in its entirety, and if not successful, receive a complimentary mock for the next interview season. Additionally, we offer a pro-rata money-back guarantee if you don't receive an interview offer, providing added assurance and support for international students.

How long do international students have access to the resources in the Comprehensive Program?

International students enrolled in the Comprehensive Program have year-round access to all resources, including mock interviews, private tutorials, online resources, and monthly mentoring sessions. This extended access ensures ongoing support and guidance throughout your interview preparation journey.

What is included in the private tutorials, and how will it help me as an International Med School Aspirant?

As an International student, you will receive 10 private tutorials which mainly focus on interview strategies and techniques. These tutorials provide personalized guidance and support, addressing specific challenges faced by international applicants. Our tutors work closely with you to enhance your communication skills, cultural awareness, and overall interview performance.

Why should international students choose the Fraser's International Students Comprehensive Program?

International students face unique challenges when preparing for medical school interviews, including cultural differences and language considerations. Our program is designed to address these challenges head-on by offering specialized coaching, culturally sensitive guidance, and comprehensive support tailored to the needs of international applicants.

What does the Fraser's International Students Comprehensive Program offer, and how does it differ for international students?

Fraser's International Students Comprehensive Program is tailored specifically for international students aspiring to succeed in medical school interviews in Australia. It includes unlimited mock interviews to refine your skills and build confidence, 10 private tutorials with personalized guidance from experienced tutors, and access to a wealth of online resources such as interview question banks and preparation guides. Additionally, you also get a monthly mentoring sessions with Dr. Scott Fraser himself, providing ongoing support, feedback, and motivation throughout your preparation journey.

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