Mock Exams

Stress-test your GAMSAT skills under timed pressure with GAMSAT-style questions.




Mock Exams

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Jun 14, 2024

Mock A Submission Window

Jul 15, 2024

Jul 19, 2024

Mock B Submission Window

Aug 5, 2024

Aug 9, 2024

Mocks 1 & 2 - Honing your exam strategy

Aug 19, 2024

Aug 23, 2024

Mocks 3 & 4 - Simulating the GAMSAT

Sep 8, 2024

Sep 13, 2024

Your GAMSAT Exam

Sep 15, 2024

Full Length GAMSAT Mock Exam

Stress-test your GAMSAT skills under timed pressure with GAMSAT-style questions

ACER Style Platform

Complete each Mock on an interface that mimics your GAMSAT Platform

Predicted Overall GAMSAT Score, and Predicted GAMSAT Score for each Section

Receive your Predicted GAMSAT Score after each Mock based on our collection of student data and performance for over a decade

Detailed Written & Video Solutions

Reflect after each Mock with detailed written & video solutions for Section 1 & Section 3, along with detailed rubric feedback for Section 2

Live Review Webinars

Join the Fraser’s Team with live review webinars for each Section after each Mock, where our senior tutors go through the most challenging questions from each Section, as well as any any exam-related questions you have

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer Free GAMSAT Mock Exams?

While free mock exams are not available, we invite you to explore Fraser's Learning Academy, which features an extensive question bank with GAMSAT-style questions for practice.

Our paid mock exams, however, offer a realistic exam environment, complete with a predicted GAMSAT score and a detailed performance report, to fully prepare you for the actual test conditions.

What are the options for taking GAMSAT Mock Exams and can I purchase multiple?

We offer online Mocks which can be completed over a 4 day submission window via our GAMSAT-style platform. Additionally, you have the option to purchase multiple mock exams at a discounted rate, enabling a more cost-effective preparation journey for those looking for additional Mocks.

Does the Mock Exam mirror the real GAMSAT experience?

Yes, our mock exams are meticulously crafted to simulate the actual GAMSAT experience, including taking cues from the latest 2023 GAMSATs. They replicate the structure, types of questions, and the level of difficulty observed in the most recent exam.

This approach ensures that our mock exams provide an authentic and up-to-date preparation experience, closely mirroring what you can expect in the real GAMSAT.

How long do I retain access to the GAMSAT Mock Exam resources?

You will retain access to all the resources in your Bundle for one GAMSAT sitting. This period is specifically designed to align with your exam preparation schedule, ensuring you have the necessary tools at the right time.

What if I miss a Mock Submission Window?

If you miss a Mock Submission Window, you are still able to complete your Mock Exam on your LMS, and receive written & video solutions for Section 1&Section 3, as well as raw marks in those Sections. Your analytics on your LMS will give you an idea of your areas of strength and weakness from the Mock, as well as what you need to work on ahead of your next Mock.

How do the Fraser’s Mock Exams work?

Each Mock Exam has a submission window in which you need to complete it online through your LMS. After you complete a Mock Exam, you will receive, in 3 days, a GAMSAT Predicted Score Report. This Report will detail your predicted GAMSAT Score in each of the Sections, as well as your overall predicted GAMSAT score, using data from past & present cohorts completing similar questions. Alongside this, there are weekly Mock Review Webinars to break down the most challenging stems in each Section, and help you formulate your overall GAMSAT Exam strategy.

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