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Fraser's Medical is your one-stop shop for UCAT mastery. Our expertise, built on the foundation of our GAMSAT success, translates seamlessly to the UCAT.


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Programmes for individual students and educational institutions

We understand the unique challenges high school students face in balancing UCAT and ATAR. That's why we offer a spectrum of UCAT prep solutions tailored to your learning style and goals.

For Students

Fraser's UCAT Premium courses

Our flagship program provides individual and group teaching with experienced UCAT tutors. We'll create a personalized study plan that maximizes your strengths and addresses any weaknesses. This targeted approach has helped students achieve an average UCAT score of 2900, with our highest scorer reaching an impressive 3300!

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For Educators

Empowering Schools and Careers Advisors

Is your school committed to nurturing future medical professionals? Our UCAT Core program is a game-changer. This curriculum, designed specifically for schools, can be integrated as an enriching extracurricular activity. Fraser's UCAT Core equips students with the foundational knowledge and skills they need to excel on the UCAT, giving them a valuable head start in their medical school journeys.

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Our Courses

Individual Courses for

Enrol in our Individualized Excellence programs and propel your UCAT score to new heights.

Strategy Weekend
A foundational program meticulously crafted to pave the way for your triumph
Payment plans available
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Question Bank of almost 4K questions
5 Diagnostic Mocks + 15 Mini Mocks
Up to 3 Live Strategy Weekends
And More ...
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Concentrated Program
Expert group classes and personalized support for optimal preparation
Payment plans available
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Strategy Weekend program
Onboarding Chat
Group Classes (includes PBLs)
4 Simulated Mocks
Fortnightly Progress Report for Parents
And More ...
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Comprehensive Program
Experience the pinnacle of personalized learning with Fraser's UCAT Comprehensive
Payment plans available
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Strategy Weekend Program
Group Classes (includes PBL)
Weekly Homework Quizzes
15 Private Tutorials
Fortnightly Personal Mentoring
And More ...
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Bring Fraser's UCAT Core to your school and empower the next generation of medical leaders.

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Customized School Programme

Fraser's Customized School Partnership Program is the pinnacle of tailored UCAT preparation, meticulously crafted in collaboration with our Business Development Team and schools.
Pricing is determined based on the specific inclusions and requirements outlined by the school.
Customized Curriculum
Collaborate with our expert instructors to design a curriculum that aligns perfectly with the specific needs and goals of your school and students.
Flexible Class Scheduling
Enjoy the flexibility of customizing class schedules to accommodate the unique timetable and preferences of your school - Options include after-school sessions, weekend workshops, or intensive boot camps during holidays.
Dedicated Support Team
Benefit from a dedicated team of support staff committed to providing personalized assistance and guidance from initial consultations to end of program.
Comprehensive Resources
Access a comprehensive suite of exclusive study guides, practice exams, and interactive learning tools.
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Our Team

See the tutors who will be helping you get the Interview results you're after

Erin Khaw

UCAT Academic Co-ordinator

Dr Tom Kelly

Co-Founder & CEO at Heidi Health

Dr Scott Fraser

Founder & CEO

Tom Kay

Section 1, Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor

Shabnam Mohamad Shafiq

Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor

Kieran Fleming

Senior Section 1, & Section 3 Tutor & GAMSAT Mentor

Jake McCarthy

Section 1, Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor

Akif Islam

Head of GAMSAT, Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor

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