USyd Entry Calculator

Built using the 2023 USyd Admissions Handbook, as well as data collated from hundreds of applicants this tool regress your chances of admission into USyd.
Published on
March 17, 2021

Calculate your chances of receiving a medicine offer into USyd’s 2022 cohort using Fraser’s State-of-the-art USyd Entry calculator!
The USyd calculator has been built using the 2022 USyd Admissions Handbook, as well as our large data sets consisting of hundreds of applicants that used the same ranking system when applying for the 2021 cohort, where each section of the GAMSAT was ranked in lieu of interviews.This calculator ranks each of your section scores and aggregates them to a final rank in order to assess your chances of meeting the new threshold required by the University of Sydney.For a deeper understanding of how the entry system at USyd now works, please head over to our USyd Entry Guide.

Disclaimer: This application was built using information released from our own data sets, universities and other sources, none of the results displayed constitute a guarantee or an exact representation.

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