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Best GAMSAT Preparation Courses For You

Published on
March 29, 2024

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is psychometric in nature, which is distinct from traditional exams that mainly assess knowledge. The GAMSAT is known in the pre-admissions game as a skill-based assessment that observes your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, in addition to your conceptual knowledge, to excel in the medical profession.

One of the main reasons that students often struggle when it comes to their GAMSAT study is that they are unaware of the approaches and the skill sets that they need to cultivate in their GAMSAT preparation. In such situations, a GAMSAT tutor can be invaluable in guiding you towards the right material before  tackling it in the right way.

Is GAMSAT Difficult?

In our experience, most students find the question-styles in GAMSAT to be the real challenge. Despite the strong educational background that most students come from, we at Fraser’s believe that GAMSAT should be viewed as an exam that demands a unique plan of attack, which can be excelled in with good guidance and support.

Is Fraser’s GAMSAT Worth It?

Certainly writing about ourselves might come across as a tad bit boastful, however, allow us to remind you that the Faser’s family has had a massive presence in the GAMSAT game for many years and has built a strong reputation for mentoring students throughout their medical journey.

In our years of guiding students on their GAMSAT and subsequent medical journies, we have found that GAMSAT preparation courses require a multi-faceted approach that is flexible to a student’s learning style and an awareness of their existing skills. Our courses at Fraser's are constructed to keep a timelined approach to preparation, following a three stage trajectory that starts with the ‘Bridging seminars & tutorials’ followed by the ‘Problem-based interactive’ workshops before the final stage of undertaking mock exams.

At Fraser’s, the seminars and tutorials are always recorded as we understand that other life commitments can often prevent you from attending lessons all the time. Furthermore,  we also understand that revisiting previous seminars can be beneficial to your GAMSAT study strategy.

Our GAMSAT courses are listed below for your reference and we shall break down the contents in each course so you can ultimately make an informed choice of what course suits your needs best:

  1. Comprehensive Course
  2. Concentrated Course
  3. Question Bank & Free Online ATLAS 

Fraser’s Comprehensive GAMSAT Course

Fraser's comprehensive course is the absolute GAMSAT hamper that overhauls GAMSAT preparation from scratch. This is our best-selling course as it appeals to students from a variety of educational and life backgrounds. If you are willing to pull out all the stops to boost your GAMSAT score, then this hands-on package is the one for you!

Comprehensive Course Inclusions

The comprehensive course is inclusive of our question bank, complete online ATLAS and assigns you a personal mentor who is committed to track your progress from start to finish of your GAMSAT preparation. This course kicks off with bridging seminars and tutorials that are highly targeted to apprise you in the basics of Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3. Bear in mind that this course marries the theoretical concepts of the GAMSAT with regular practise to help you recognise the approaches that can improve your problem-solving and reasoning skills.

In addition, we provide Comprehensive course students with 12-weeks of private tutoring for Section 2 which includes a 1-hour weekly session that discusses tips to improve your essay writing skills, dissect the meaning behind Section 2 quotes, and develop logical, coherent arguments that will knock your examiner’s socks off! 

Upon strengthening your fundamental knowledge of the three GAMSAT sections, you will then start working on GAMSAT questions. Our ‘Problem-Based Learning’ method is devoted to helping you to learn a framework of thinking that works for you and builds on your existing core skills required for acing the GAMSAT. Our tutorials and seminars are designed to be an interactive learning experience so you can actively target areas for improvement earlier in your GAMSAT study timeline.

Your commitment to skill and knowledge development will be put under evaluation by encouraging you to buckle down with up to six mock exams that will chart your progress in your GAMSAT preparation. Following this, our ‘Weekly Q&A’ sessions are designed to evaluate your performance in the mock exams and address other concerns you may have about your GAMSAT Journey.

Besides the unparalleled guidance and support from our GAMSAT tutors, the course promises a full redemption of the course price if you are unsatisfied with your GAMSAT score in a particular sitting. 

Fraser’s Concentrated GAMSAT Course

The GAMSAT Concentrated Course is focused on getting down to the brass tacks of Section 1 and Section 2. Often students with a degree of baseline knowledge in the sciences sign up to this course to shape their thinking process for mastery of the humanities and essay sections. 

The concentrated course includes a complete spectrum of learning in the form of workshops that discuss GAMSAT approaches to mock exams that replicate the actual GAMSAT exam. Have we forgotten about Section 3 you might ask? Rest assured that the concentrated package also takes a deep dive into the substance of Section 3 in the latter stages of the course. 

Learning on your own requires a lot of motivation, focus and is not for everyone. Our sessions and tutorials are micro-structured to identify every student’s progress, allowing us to make it a truly personalised learning experience. Tutors can walk you through and troubleshoot performance through our 1-hour weekly private tutoring offering for Section 2 that is ongoing throughout the course.

Mentorship is central to Fraser's pedagogy. The concentrated course students get a designated personal mentor who becomes their point of contact to provide guidance in their GAMSAT study, addressing any other concerns in one-on-one sessions.

Similar to the comprehensive package, in the concentrate package you will undertake 4 mock exams to obtain a predicted GAMSAT score. The GAMSAT is intellectually challenging and we certainly understand that you will want to unpack the thinking around questions that you have encountered in your mock exams. For this reason, we provide our concentrated students a personalised report that analyses your core skill strengths as well as areas of improvement.

GAMSAT Question Bank & Online GAMSAT Atlas

Some of you out there would prefer studying solo or are self-starters who are just looking for a minor leg-up to begin your GAMSAT study. Our online question bank includes over 1600 GAMSAT sample questions and 10 mini mock exams that you can practice on from the comfort of your home. 

The questions are designed to attune your reasoning skills to come to logical solutions to interpret the correct and incorrect answers you may provide. In addition, the purpose of the mini mocks is to help you understand your strong and weak points across individual sections without the requirement of external help.

With regards to the online Atlas, it is freely available on the Fraser’s website, filled with 50 GAMSAT practice questions that mimic the ACER platform. You also gain access to additional video tutorials and essay samples that can narrow in on your mistakes and guide you towards a strategic GAMSAT prep.

Moreover, the online ATLAS includes a wide range of resources and tools that have been designed using statistical data and previous year GAMSAT scores, hence they are reliable and give you an approximation of where you are at in your GAMSAT study.

Where To Next?

We hope this article has been of interest to you and provided solid pointers on the best GAMSAT course for you. Each course that we offer is designed specifically to meet your expectations. We hope you will make an informed decision, however, if you require further assistance, our team at Fraser’s are always available through email, Instagram or Facebook. 

Feel free to reach out to us and our experienced GAMSAT tutors will be happy to help you choose the right course for you!

We look forward to seeing you in our future sessions! Good luck on your medical journey!