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GAMSAT Tutors Near Me | Australia

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July 17, 2024

What Makes The Best GAMSAT Tutor?

The best GAMSAT tutors are those who are capable of training and developing your style of thinking and problem-solving in Section 1 and Section 3, as well as refine your ability to form psychometrically relevant, plausible, and thematically interesting thoughts to convey them creatively and concisely for Section 2

In our years of guiding students through the GAMSAT, we've frequently encountered individuals who excel in general but struggle with specific areas within a section. This is particularly common among repeat sitters. 

For example, a student might be performing well overall in Section 3 but faces challenges with a particular type of stem in Chemistry. Finding a tutor who is not only an expert in Chemistry but also specializes in GAMSAT-style questioning can be a significant hurdle. 

It's important to understand that expertise in a subject does not automatically translate to proficiency in GAMSAT tutoring, as the exam's unique format and requirements call for a specialized approach. This realization has led us to create a solution tailored to these specific needs.

Introducing the Fraser's GAMSAT Tutor Marketplace

Recognizing this need, we decided to launch the Fraser’s GAMSAT Tutor Marketplace. This innovative platform is a hub of experienced GAMSAT tutors, each with their unique area of expertise. Here, you can browse profiles and select a tutor who aligns with your specific learning needs and preferences. The marketplace offers flexibility in scheduling and a diverse range of tutoring styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your GAMSAT preparation journey. 

Explore our Tutor Marketplace to connect with the expertise you need for a more effective and confident GAMSAT preparation.

Whether you're tackling the GAMSAT for the first time or looking to improve your score in a particular section, our Tutor Marketplace is designed to connect you with the expertise you need. With our tutors' guidance, you can navigate the complexities of the GAMSAT more effectively and confidently.

GAMSAT Tutors For Section 1 & 3

A first-rate GAMSAT private tutor in Section 1 and Section 3 is one that can approximate their thinking to how you think and visualise what your thought processes are as you attempt to solve a problem. From there, the tutor is able to tailor exercises to challenge your approach and ensure your logical reasoning is developing soundly. Once we understand the demands of Section 1 and Section 3, we can begin to appreciate the fact that the best GAMSAT tutor possesses a very particular set of pedagogic skills that requires a deep understanding of how thinking needs to be shaped in order to exercise lateral thinking. You can find more in this article detailing how difficult the GAMSAT is.

The most common trap students find themselves in with a private tutor for Section 1 & 3 is being lulled into a false sense of security due to tutors that provide feedback and guidance that is not in the student's best interest. This is often due to tutors that are not adequately competent to actively provide value to the student’s learning, leaving sessions with students feeling positive and happy but with very little growth and maintenance. 

Click here for more on the demands required for Section 1 and Section 3!

GAMSAT Section 2 Tutors

Similar considerations apply when it comes to Section 2. Despite this section obviously being the “different” section in the way it is tested, it is still testing how we understand the world. In essence, it is a different way of problem-solving; in Section 2, the problem is working out how best we can interpret and respond to a set of quotes in a brief yet reasonable and intelligent way.

The greatest Section 2 private tutor is, therefore, able to help the student challenge not just their basic expression but also the way in which they creatively think about the world, how poetically they are able to string together concepts in a coherent and impactful manner, and how they demonstrate key psychometrically valuable qualities in their writing. This requires more than simply a tutor with a sound understanding of the English language, but rather a tutor that has a wide variety of ideas and the ability to identify relationships between concepts. A tutor that can do this will help you identify your own process of doing this and help you refine it. For more on the demands, make sure to check out this valuable resource.

To further assess the types of skills we require in the GAMSAT, see our Section 2  - Essay style guide here, or feel free to check out our page loaded with practice questions and in-depth recorded solutions here.

Where Is A GAMSAT Tutor Near Me?

When it comes to preparing for the GAMSAT, having access to the right tutor can make a significant difference. Recognizing the diverse needs of our students, we have highly skilled GAMSAT tutors across all major cities in Australia. Each tutor brings their unique expertise and teaching style, ensuring that every student can find a mentor who resonates with their learning approach and needs. Below, meet some of our exceptional tutors from various cities, each dedicated to guiding you through your GAMSAT journey.

GAMSAT Tutor – Sydney

Akif Islam (Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor)

Akif is the Head of our GAMSAT program at Fraser's. With over 5 years of experience in GAMSAT tutoring, he brings a wealth of knowledge. As a law graduate, Akif started his career working in various law firms before realizing his passion for teaching, leading him to lecture at universities and later at Fraser's. 

This blend of experiences allows Akif to offer a distinctive perspective in Sections 1 and 2, significantly aiding thousands of students in mastering the critical thinking and analytical skills essential for GAMSAT success.

Angus Armstrong (Section 1 & Section 3 Tutor)

Angus has been an integral part of the Fraser's team for more than two years, focusing on Sections 1 and 3 of the GAMSAT. His journey into the medical field is unique, transitioning from an olympic athlete to a medical student. This diverse background not only enriches his teaching approach but also provides him with a profound understanding of the varied paths students take. At Fraser's, Angus leverages his personal experiences to assist students in crafting their own success stories, offering invaluable insights and support in their GAMSAT preparation.

Shabnam Mohamad Shafiq (Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor)

Shabnam, a second-year Medicine student, is passionate about a wide range of subjects from astronomy to computer science. Her interdisciplinary approach enriches the learning experience in Sections 2 and 3, helping students to develop a well-rounded understanding and approach to the GAMSAT.

GAMSAT Tutor – Melbourne

Sideek Jewhar-Daud (Section 2 Tutor)

Meet Sideek, the charismatic lead of our GAMSAT Section 2 team at Fraser's.Sideek brings an infectious enthusiasm to the art of written communication. His passion isn't just about teaching; it's about embarking on an exciting journey through a world brimming with ideas. Sideek's approach to tutoring goes beyond the basics – he inspires students to explore diverse concepts and master the art of expressing them compellingly.

With Sideek guiding you in Section 2, you'll dive into a world of ideas and learn the essentials of effective written communication in a straightforward and engaging way.

Anjana Ravi (Section 3 Lead)

Anjana, our esteemed Section 3 Lead at Fraser's, is renowned for her exceptional prowess in this challenging segment of the GAMSAT. 

Anjana doesn't just teach; she immerses students in a dynamic learning environment, where her innovative strategies and supportive approach make mastering Section 3 not just achievable, but enjoyable. Known for her remarkable skill and dedication, Anjana is the go-to expert for students aiming to excel in Section 3, transforming even the most complex Section 3 topics into manageable and interesting challenges.

Meghana Kandlakunta (Section 1 Tutor)

Meet Meghana, the GAMSAT Section 1 lead tutor and the Chief of Staff at Fraser's. In her three-year tenure, Meghana has become a cornerstone of the Fraser's team, renowned for her personalized approach to tutoring. She has skillfully guided hundreds of students through the nuances of text types and logical reasoning in Section 1. Her tailored strategies and deep understanding of the GAMSAT material have been instrumental in helping students not just learn, but excel.

GAMSAT Tutor – Brisbane

Kieran Fleming (Section 1 & Section 3 Tutor)

Introducing Kieran, a dynamic Senior Tutor for Sections 1 and 3, and a dedicated GAMSAT Mentor at Fraser's. Currently in his first year of medical studies at UQ, Kieran brings a vibrant mix of interests to his teaching.  His diverse experiences and hobbies add a unique flavor to his tutoring sessions, making them not only educational but also genuinely engaging and fun filled.

Maninda Amarasekera (Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor)

Meet Maninda Amarasekera, a spirited and dynamic tutor for Sections 1 and 2 at Fraser's. Known for his fun and energetic teaching style, Maninda transforms the GAMSAT preparation experience into something truly enjoyable and rewarding. 

He believes that learning for Sections 1 and 2 should not just be about mastering the content, but also about enjoying the journey. His approach is designed to make these sections not only accessible but also engaging, ensuring students find both success and satisfaction in their GAMSAT preparation.

Nicholas Desjardins (Section 2 Tutor)

Introducing Nicholas Desjardins, a passionate and knowledgeable Section 2 Tutor at Fraser's. A recent History graduate from the University of Queensland, Nicholas has an impressive breadth of knowledge, with interests spanning from the Cold War to medieval al-Andalus, and even Mayan cosmology. 

Nicholas says "I live and breathe academic writing, and I’m excited to share that passion with students."  With Nicholas, students can expect to explore and master the art of argumentative writing in a way that is both intellectually stimulating and deeply engaging.

GAMSAT Tutor – Perth

Tobias Gaitt (Senior Section 3 Tutor & Chemistry Lead)

Introducing Tobias Gaitt, the enthusiastic Senior Section 3 Tutor and Chemistry Lead at Fraser's, balancing his role with studies as an MD3 student at UWA. Toby's approach to tutoring is deeply rooted in his love for understanding the finer details of chemistry, making him an exceptional guide for the intricate aspects of Section 3.

Outside the classroom, Toby's hobbies are as diverse as his teaching methods, ranging from mountain biking to potentially knitting. This versatility not only keeps his sessions lively but also helps him connect with students.

Toritse Mojuetan (Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor)

Meet Toritse, a versatile and insightful Section 1 & Section 2 Tutor at Fraser's. With her rich American educational background and an impressive score of 82 in Section 2, Toritse is not just a tutor but a treasure trove of information and guidance.

Her unique approach is particularly effective in helping students overcome the common challenges of writer's block and mind blanks in Section 2. 

Blair-Etian Thomas (Section 3 Tutor)

Blair-Etian, a medical student at UWA, brings a unique and relatable approach to Section 3. His goal is to help students navigate this section with ease, making their journey into medical school less stressful.

GAMSAT Tutor – Canberra

Dr. Emily Vohralik (Section 1 & Section 3 Tutor)

Meet Dr. Emily Vohralik, a dedicated Section 1 & Section 3 Tutor at Fraser's, known for her unique blend of academic and artistic talents. Recently completing her bio PhD and now in her first year of medicine at ANU, Emily adeptly combines her extensive scientific knowledge to guide students through the complexities of Section 3. 

Her enthusiasm and diverse interests, from dance fitness to playing the clarinet, make her an inspiring mentor. Emily is deeply committed to helping students achieve their GAMSAT goals with a dynamic and engaging teaching approach.

Katya Johnson (Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor)

Introducing Katya Johnson, a skilled Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor at Fraser's, currently pursuing medicine at ANU. Katya's remarkable achievement of scoring in the 80s for Section 2 and 90s for Section 3 in the GAMSAT is a testament to her deep understanding and mastery of these sections. She looks forward to helping students achieve similar success and master these critical sections.

GAMSAT Tutor – Adelaide

Matilda Lyons (Section 3 Tutor)

Matilda, soon to be a final year student at Flinders, brings a unique perspective to Section 3. Her experience in diverse environments equips her with effective teaching methods, guiding students to find their best learning style for the GAMSAT.

Madi Lowe (Section 1 Tutor)

Meet Madi Lowe, a dedicated med student at Flinders and a specialist in poetry and literary prose for Section 1 at Fraser's. Madi's teaching approach is centered around engaging deeply with texts, enabling students to excel in this section with a nuanced understanding. She has a particular fondness for teaching poetry and literary prose, bringing a unique passion and insight to these text types. 

Laura McEntee (Section 2 Tutor)

Introducing Laura McEntee, a dedicated Section 2 Tutor at Fraser's, currently in her third year of medical studies at Flinders University. With an undergraduate degree in Arts, Laura brings a well-rounded perspective to her teaching. She finds joy in reading novels and running, activities that provide her with relaxation and inspiration. 

Laura is particularly enthusiastic about hearing the original and interesting ideas that students bring to Section 2. She eagerly anticipates guiding and collaborating with students throughout the season, helping them to harness their creativity and excel in this section.


Tom Kay (Section 1, Section 2 & Section 3 Tutor)

Meet Tom, a multifaceted tutor at Fraser's, serving as the Section 1 Content Lead and a tutor for Sections 1 2 and 3. Currently based in London, Tom is in the final stages of completing his MSc in Neuropsychiatry and is set to begin his MBBS at St. George’s University of London. 

 Tom thrives on engaging in humanities-related discussions, bringing a rich blend of academic rigor and personal interests to his tutoring sessions. His diverse background and approachable nature make him an invaluable asset to Fraser's students

Remember, this is just a glimpse of our talented team of tutors. For a comprehensive look at all our GAMSAT tutors, visit our marketplace page.

Gumtree GAMSAT Tutors – What Should I Be Mindful Of?

Whether it be Gumtree or another tutor source, we must always be mindful of accountability in the tutoring industry. Tutors that are not governed and monitored have the capability to lead students to much dismay without it being intentional or obvious. 

It is for this reason that as we are trying to find any GAMSAT private tutor, whether it be a science private tutor, Section 1 or Section 2 private tutor, we should appreciate that GAMSAT tutors have a great responsibility to present information and classes that are backed by evidence. A proven track record of being able to successfully develop someone’s knowledge, thinking, and problem-solving skills to better tackle the GAMSAT is what is needed to be confident we are not investing months of preparation that may be well-intentioned, but severely misguided.

It is for this reason all tutors (and their students) must be truly coherent with how the GAMSAT is scored. Understanding how Item Response Theory works allows us to properly plan months of preparation for an exam that has no true syllabus. Knowing the specific indicators that ACER are awarding marks for opens the doors to generate our own syllabus that targets our weakest aspects of logical reasoning, making our GAMSAT training the most impactful feat possible.

GAMSAT Online Tutors vs In-Person Tutors – Is There Any Difference?  

Comparing online vs. in-person tutors depends on the tools available and the skill of the tutor. Classes online and in-person cannot be strictly compared without weighing up the pros and cons of each. When considering the competitive scores required for the high demand advanced study, we cannot waste time risking little reward. 

Online vs. In-Person GAMSAT Tutoring: Mode of Deliver

In-person classes are historically seen as the most impactful way of tutoring for the GAMSAT. This stems from the ability for tutors to draw and write over the paper and express information clearly, if they have the ability to do so in a physical sense. However, there are two reasons why tutoring in-person must be considered with caution:

Firstly, as we know, the GAMSAT is now online. This therefore means that the need to draw on the paper has diminished and is confined to the scrap piece of paper we have to work with. This, therefore, opens an opportunity for impactful tutors to utilise digital papers such as tablets and iPads. Respecting how the new GAMSAT format impacts our study is paramount.

Secondly, moving to online learning at university has forced tutors and teachers to disseminate punchy classes of the highest yield. This highlights the immense importance for tutors to deliver high yield content  online,  a skill that does not come without practice.

Adapting to Digital GAMSAT

A successful in-person tutor is therefore able to adapt to the new online GAMSAT and teach in a way that is applicable to the digital exam, whilst still ensuring time is not wasted on low yield sessions. Relying on past GAMSAT experience alone will not cut it in the face of the evolving exam.

Most students have an instinctive preference for in-person tutorials due to a misperceived quality drop in online settings. In reality, the mode of class delivery has a small effect on the quality of the learning experience, provided the skills of the online presenter are top tier. 

Given all that has happened recently, one silver lining is the rapid improvements in online learning delivery. At present, tutoring in an online environment allows simultaneous, easy access to resources that the student has access to after the session. In this sense, we are now at the stage where there are more opportunities for better learning in an online environment, provided the tutor is proficient in delivery.

When it comes to online tutoring, the greatest strength is conducting punchy lessons for the student within their own home. The challenge here is ensuring the tutor is able to tailor the teaching requirements specific to the student. Online tutoring is good, so long as it can be impactful for the person across the other side of the screen. Having a sound knowledge of how to run such classes and still making them impactful for the digital GAMSAT is a must.

In conclusion, comparing online vs. in-person tutoring is more a question about the tutor, and how well they can cater for the student in each of the different formats. A good GAMSAT tutor is able to cater to the student regardless of the mode of delivery. However, they must have the resources to do so.

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