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December 22, 2020

One might not realise it but, online reviews and ratings hold great value in our decision making today. This is precisely due to the fact that digitlisation is turning out to be the new norm. A simple choice of going to a restaurant is driven by factors like its online reputation, location and type of food served, amongst others. Then, why not deploy the same strategy to pick a medical school that caters to your interests and goals?

Although the severity of choosing a medical school cannot be compared to picking a place to eat, medical university rankings are pivotal to consider at the time of applications. These factors, to a great extent, help you form an informed decision on which med school can maximise your learning experience and equip you with core skills needed for a future doctor. 

Moreover, it is not suggested that any medical school can support and help you establish your career aspirations that are unique to you. Hence, to alleviate your anxiety levels of choosing from a range of medical schools, we developed this powerful tool that can provide you with the most ‘suited’ medical school based on your preference of - location, classroom size, UCAT performance, ATAR and other medical school application requirements.

What are the Next Steps You Can Take in your UCAT Prep?

To have an in-depth understanding of medical university rankings - read our article on the types of indicators that can accurately help you rank a medical school to kickstart your journey! 

All medical schools are distinct in their assessment styles but provide a broad range of theoretical and practical framework, crucial to practice in the healthcare profession. If you are contemplating on the ideal medical pathway and opt for the fast-track, direct entry pathway, you need to be fully accustomed with the ropes of undertaking the UCAT.

Here are a few UCAT preparation materials - comprehensive and concentrated UCAT courses, particularly tailored to support your UCAT study needs. Additionally, if you are looking for expert advice on acing the UCAT, you can always reach out to our UCAT mentors who can provide the right advise on how to best map out your UCAT study.


All things considered, it is highly recommended that students take charge of their UCAT preparation at least five months prior to the UCAT exam window, due to its time-strapped testing nature. Here’s an easy-to-download guide, providing step by step directions on how to prepare an effective UCAT study timeline.

To make the most of your UCAT study, attend our UCAT strategy weekend program and figure out where your baseline strengths and weaknesses lie. This way, you also get a flavour of our teaching style, which can be add tremendous value to your UCAT study!

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