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May 6, 2021

On this page you will find information about the options available to those that have already completed a degree, or are currently completing one, and want to apply for Dentistry.

Applying as a postgraduate student for Dentistry opens the doors to apply not only to Postgraduate Dentistry courses but also undergraduate dentistry programs, allowing a wide array of options to cater for a variety of applicants.

This page also has a calculator designed to offer your chances of receiving an offer for that university, based on your GPA and GAMSAT scores.

How does the Dentistry Offer Calculator Work?

The Dentistry offer calculator has been created by analysing many data points over a number of application cycles. The tricky thing about dentistry applications is that they do not follow strict hard and fast rules and hence there is much more ambiguity year by year, depending on many factors, such as the number of applicants applying, available places, and many others. It is quite different to the Postgraduate Medicine Interview Offer Calculator.

Consequently, this calculator has been generated by using various trends that have been noticeable over the years, and provides a prediction of your chances that is not guaranteed, but we are confident it is very close.

Please note that if you have not completed a certain requirement asked for in the calculator (such as the UCAT), it may not be applicable to all the universities in the calculations, for example, only Latrobe University requires the UCAT when applying as a postgraduate student. If the data point is not applicable for a given university, it is not considered for the specific university’s calculations and hence the chances will not reflect the score you input.

Please ensure you are familiar with all the entry requirements for each of the universities you will be applying to for Dentistry, to ensure an application is not wasted on incomplete requirements.

Which Universities Offer Dentistry in Australia for Postgraduate Students?

So you’ve all heard of applying for Dentistry from high school, but did you know that there were in fact a multitude of pathways into Dentistry even after you have commenced University? 

There are three main universities which offer a postgraduate entry dentistry course, namely; University of Western Australia – Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), University of Sydney – Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and the University of Melbourne – Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). These three universities rely on GPA, GAMSAT, MMI or some combination of these metrics (detailed below) to offer postgraduate entry into Dentistry. 

Postgraduate students that would like to pursue Dentistry as an Undergraduate course also have three university options, namely; James Cook University – Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Griffith University – Bachelor of Dental health science/Master of Dentistry, and La Trobe University – Bachelor of Dental Science. These universities rely on GPA, UCAT, Interview & Written application, or some combination of these metrics (detailed below) to offer Undergraduate entry into Dentistry for Postgraduate students. 

University of Melbourne Dentistry Entry Requirements

The Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Melbourne is one of the most prestigious courses in Australia, with a rich and thriving history of research and service. The application process may at times be a little daunting and we are here to help! 

Applications to study the Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Melbourne are made through the GEMSAS platform and key dates are provided accordingly. 

Entry requirements for the course involves meeting the following criteria:

  • Melbourne University Dentistry (DDS) requires an undergraduate qualification that is to be completed within 10 years of commencing their course. For example, if you are applying for 2022 entry your Undergraduate course must be completed from 2012 onwards. Note: Only Undergraduate GPA/Grades are used for entry into its course.
  • Melbourne University requires prerequisite knowledge in the disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. These must be incorporated into the Undergraduate degree and must also be completed within 10 years of commencing the course. 
  • Must achieve satisfactory completion of the GAMSAT- Melbourne University uses an average GAMSAT score rather than an overall score. 

After having met the above requirements, the University of Melbourne uses two main criteria to rank applicants for admission into the Doctor of Dental Surgery:

  • Weighted GPA; first year x 1, second year x 2 , third year (or final year) x 2. The GPA is that obtained from the most recently completed/completing bachelor degree (including honours). Click here to determine your GPA.
  • Average GAMSAT 

Note:  University of Melbourne does not require an Interview for entry into the Doctor of Dental Surgery

Applicants after being ranked on the basis of GPA and GAMSAT only are offered admission; with the highest ranked applicants receiving offers first. The Doctor of Dental Surgery has a quota of 96 places available per year

Please note that there are no supposed cut- off scores for University of Melbourne Dentistry as both GPA and GAMSAT scores are used to rank applicants. Since the quotas for Dentistry include both Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) and Full Fee Places (FFPs), the average entry scores do vary, but the most accurate indicator would be to use the calculator, which uses real-life data and calculations. 

University of Sydney Dentistry Entry Requirements

The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the majestic University of Sydney, based in the heart of Sydney city is a very unique and well-administered course. However, we understand that the application process with all the admission requirements can at times be a little overwhelming.  

Applications for Sydney University Dentistry (DMD) are made through the course website and deadlines set according to the DMD timeline. 

The following are the entry requirements for the course:

  • Applicants must meet a Biology prerequisite, to be completed prior to commencement of the Dentistry Course (see our free biology resources here).
  • Complete the GAMSAT and meet the Cutoff for Interview in that application cycle
  • Must “satisfactorily”  complete a Bachelor’s degree – attain a GPA of at least 5.0 on a 7-point scale. 
  • Successfully complete the MMI (Interview)

Note: GPA is calculated through the UAC scheme, applicants must submit their academic transcripts of completed or incomplete (but will be completed before commencement of course) degrees through the UAC portal to receive a UAC calculated GPA. 

Admission into the course involves being selected for interview based on GPA and GAMSAT:

  • GPA: The GPA is a hurdle requirement, which means once an applicant meets the criteria that their GPA is greater than 5.0 out of 7.0 it is not considered in the ranking of applicants for the interview. Click here to determine your GPA.
  • GAMSAT: The USYD Dentistry GAMSAT Cut Off for interview was around 61 in the years prior to 2021 entry. This cutoff is indicative only, USYD uses average GAMSAT scores rather than Overall GAMSAT

Note: For 2021 entry, in the conditions of COVID-19, USYD opted for an individual ranking of each of the GAMSAT section scores as well as an omission of the Interview (MMI) in offering admission. It is unknown at this stage whether or not this will continue for 2022 entry. 

For those that have met the Biology prerequisite, achieved a hurdle GPA of at least 5.0 out of 7.0 and passed the GAMSAT Cutoff for that cycle, they must then complete an online confirmation page. 

Final offers are then made on the basis of GAMSAT Score (50%) and MMI (Interview) Score (50%). 

University of Western Australia Dentistry Entry Requirements

Being the only university in Western Australia offering Dentistry, The University of Western Australia’s Doctor of Dental Medicine course is truly unique and current students enjoy state-of-the art dental teaching and clinical facilities. 

The University of Western Australia offers up to 30 places for Dentistry with all of them being CSP- Commonwealth Supported Places. 

Applications for UWA Dentistry are made through the University of Western Australia webpage and submitted to their portal. 

The following entry requirements are relevant for admission to UWA’s DMD course: 

  • GPA: The University of Western Australia uses the most recent three years of FTE study in calculating the FGPA (Faculty GPA). Postgraduate study is recognised and may be used for admissions ranking. Click here to calculate your GPA.
  • GAMSAT: Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 50 in all sections of the GAMSAT and have an overall score of at least 50 to be eligible for consideration. 
  • Interview: The GPA and Overall GAMSAT score are ranked individually and Interview offers awarded on the basis of a combined rank of these metrics.

Admissions offers are then distributed to the highest ranked applicants after the successful completion of the MMI, GPA and GAMSAT- all equally weighted for offer. 

Average GPA and GAMSAT for places in Dentistry at UWA in 2020 were 6.74 out of 7.0 and 65, respectively. Please note that the requirements for an interview have very similar average scores. 

James Cook University Dentistry Entry Requirements

James Cook University’s Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program located in Cairns is Australia’s best in full-time employment outcomes. With a focus on rural and tropical health, JCU Dentistry is ideal for those interested and passionate about rural Dentistry and obviously Dentistry in general!  

Applications for the James Cook University Dentistry – BDS are submitted through QTAC, there is also a Written Application component of the process, which must be completed and submitted to James Cook University (JCU), College of Medicine and Dentistry.  

Admission to the course are based on the following: 

  • GPA: Applicants do not need to have completed their Undergraduate degrees, ie. both incomplete and completed degrees can be converted into equivalent scores for ranking James Cook University Dentistry applicants. 
  • Written Application: Involves responding to some very specific and nuanced questions related to one’s motivation for studying dentistry as well as tropical and rural health outcomes. 

Note: The entry scores vary as the written application generally plays a significant role in offer determination. The higher the GPA the better the chances of admission. 

For more specific information it is recommended that you contact the James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Griffith University Dentistry Entry Requirements

Griffith University located in sunny Gold Coast, Queensland offers a very clinically focused and incredibly rewarding Dentistry program; Bachelor of Dental Health Science/ Master of Dentistry. 

The Gold coast Griffith University School of Dentistry and Oral health accepts tertiary education that is both complete/incomplete and converts the GPA into an equivalent score for ranking applicants. This provides an opportunity for Postgraduate students to pursue Undergraduate Dentistry and thus expands the entrance pathways into Dentistry. 

Applications for Griffith University Dentistry admission are made through QTAC/UAC. 

For 2022 entry, Griffith University dentistry applicants are required to complete and achieve competitive scores in UCAT, which is then used to invite applicants for an MMI (Multiple Mini Interview). 

All three components (Academic-GPA, UCAT and Interview) are then combined to an overall score which is then used to rank applicants. 

Latrobe University Dentistry Entry Requirements

Latrobe university offers an incredibly authentic dentistry program located in Bendigo, Victoria. It has a focus on the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres strait-islanders and Rural health, while delivering a highly sophisticated, interesting and rewarding Dentistry degree. 

Latrobe university Dentistry accepts applicants that have complete/incomplete tertiary education. 

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for entry: 

  • All applicants must complete a biology prerequisite through the Unilearn Biology scheme and pass with a score of at least 60% to be eligible to apply. A transcript of higher education must also be submitted. 
  • All applicants are required to complete the UCAT and it will be used to rank applicants for offer. 
  • Latrobe dentistry applicants must also meet some subject proficiency requirements in Chemistry, Biology and English. 

Entry is competitive based on the above criteria and highest ranked applicants receive offers. 

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