Terms and Conditions

Payment Plans and Fees

All prices listed on Fraser's Academy are inclusive of GST and any applicable fees. Students have the option to pay in weekly instalments (10, 20, and 40 weeks) for some products (as advertised), and alternate payment plans can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Payment plans are not a subscription; they must be paid in full upon initiation. If a payment plan fails three times on a weekly charge, a $99 administrative fee will be added to cover admin, labour, and follow-up costs.

Reasonable requests for refunds will be considered under a 'fair use' policy, and a pro-rata refund may apply based on classes attended, tutorials utilized, and resources accessed. In the event of a refund, all applicable fees will be deducted from the owing amounts, and administrative fees may be applied at our discretion.

Access Period and Course Validity

All sales entitle students to access 'Fraser's Academy' for a period defined by the course they purchase. A sitting period is determined independently of ACER, typically before the March and/or September GAMSAT Exam. Exact dates are subject to Fraser's Academy's own timeline. It is crucial to note that any reference to ACER's schedule is coincidental and does not imply a direct connection. Our dates and terms are set independently of ACER.

Essentials is valid for one immediate sitting. If purchased  The full Immersive Course is valid for one immediate sitting with the Question Bank and ATLAS components for the subsequent and immediate sitting. The full Comprehensive course is valid for one immediate sitting, with Immersive enrolments related to the performance guarantee in the subsequent immediate sitting. The performance guarantee is conditional on scoring less than an overall 65 GAMSAT score and utilising 80% of each component of your course: class attendance, tutorials, online materials. Private tutorials included as part of a course purchase, for example, the 'Comprehensive' Course, must be utilized within the immediate GAMSAT sitting period, which is determined independently and is not contingent on official testing dates. The sitting period typically extends until the March or September exams. Purchases of Mock Exams entitle the student to participate in exams scheduled on specific dates (to be confirmed) between February and March or August and September, depending on the period closest to their enrolment.

Device and Account Usage

Only three devices are allowed to be logged into a Fraser's Academy account. Any unauthorized sharing or usage of an account on more than three devices within a brief timeframe may result in immediate account verification. In the event of suspected account sharing, access will be blocked, and the account owner will need to verify their ownership through email. We implement these measures diligently to uphold stringent security standards and compliance.

Breach of Payment Plan

In the event of a payment failure, you will receive an email notification from Fraser's Academy outlining the necessary steps to resolve the issue. If multiple failures occur, a dedicated case manager will be assigned to assist you. If a payment plan fails three times on a weekly charge, a $99 administrative fee will be added to cover admin, labour, and follow-up costs. We understand that financial situations can change, and we are open to discussing and adjusting payment plans to better suit your current circumstances. Please refer to the email for specific details on the delinquency process and reach out to your assigned case manager for personalized assistance. Your cooperation is appreciated in ensuring a smooth resolution to any payment challenges. Thank you.

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