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Weighted vs. Unweighted GAMSAT

Published on
May 7, 2024

Did you know that some Australian medical schools weigh GAMSAT section 3 twice, while others do not? The score ACER provides does indeed weigh it twice. However when applying for universities that don’t, your score (and competitiveness) may alter according to the med school's requirements! 

To ensure you have the correct GAMSAT score, please download the table below.

It is here you can find exactly which universities utilise a weighted or unweighted GAMSAT. Make sure to keep in mind that when we change our score to unweighted, we indeed change the distribution of scores, and as such, we can no longer use the curve supplied by ACER to work out where we sit in regards to percentiles.

That's why we must ensure we know exactly what our score is for a given medical school. This will indeed help us determine how we should arrange our preferences in the GEMSAS consortium.

weighted vs unweighted gamsat.png

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