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GAMSAT Private Tutoring: Is a Private Tutor Worth It?

Published on
March 29, 2024

Studying for the GAMSAT can become tricky without quality preparation materials and an up-to-date checklist of GAMSAT questions. This is because ACER, the organisation responsible for administering the GAMSAT is constantly revising the GAMSAT format to uphold the standard of testing to select able future doctors. For this reason, you as a test-taker, have to be in the forefront of choosing the right mentors and GAMSAT courses that are designed to pave the way for excellence.

How to Determine a Good GAMSAT Tutor?

A good framework to determine the best GAMSAT tutors is based on whether or not they have tackled the GAMSAT at some point in their lives. This is important because the GAMSAT is not a knowledge-based test that can simply be taught by reading a book, but rather, an assessment of cognitive skills that requires you to immerse yourself in a range of thinking styles. Therefore, having a tutor who has undertaken the GAMSAT and is still taking note of the changes to GAMSAT over the years is likely going to know more than the average GAMSAT tutor . 

In saying that, our GAMSAT courses are carefully laid out to provide a wholesome experience for every type of learner there is; this way each student’s GAMSAT endeavour can come to its full fruition.  Unlike other GAMSAT prep companies that are hesitant to differentiate between group tutorials and one-on-one teaching, Fraser’s has revolutionized GAMSAT teaching philosophy to include private tutoring as an integral part of the course program, besides the regular PBL classroom lessons, and the diagnostic mock exams. 

Let us dive right into the importance of private tutoring and how it can be beneficial to students undertaking our GAMSAT courses.

GAMSAT Private Tutors are Flexible in Timing

One of the biggest hurdles you face during student life is a lack of time. Juggling between university/school, employment, social commitments, and leisure time can be overwhelming in itself. With the GAMSAT added on top of that, you could be looking at a very chaotic schedule. Fraser's private tutor program was built with the intention to help students, like yourself, achieve the uni-GAMSAT study balance. Besides, our private tutoring sessions work around your clock, so flexibility in timing is one of the major advantages of having a private tutor, particularly with us.

A private tutor’s primary role is to put your GAMSAT goals and interests first. 

In our comprehensive course, we have allocated designated hours for one-on-one GAMSAT Section 2 tutoring and general private tutoring for each student. As a student you are free to take advantage of this at any point in the course. The advantage here is that you are given the liberty to choose the private tutoring hours around your timetable and the private GAMSAT tutor will fit you in accordingly.

Choose a Private GAMSAT Tutor of Your Choice

The truth about GAMSAT preparation that you probably come across less is that you need to be driven by the GAMSAT content and preferably study with peers guided by someone with prior GAMSAT test knowledge. The latter two are particularly important because you will be able to learn a lot from how your peers approach different GAMSAT questions and sections. Then you are able to implement these strategies into your own way of thinking.

By choosing one of our GAMSAT course packages, you are already learning amongst motivated peers during PBLs, which aim to expose you to learning within a dynamic group environment. In order to optimize your GAMSAT preparation outside the classroom setting, we provide an exclusive opportunity for you to hand-pick a GAMSAT mentor of your preference. This cannot be found in any other GAMSAT prep companies and ensures you have a personalised learning experience that suits your particular style.

GAMSAT Private Tutors Help You Improve Your Weaknesses

Growing and learning in classrooms is known to be integral to GAMSAT study. However, you cannot always have all your questions answered in one class and might have more doubts during your solo preparation. Hence, a private tutor’s responsibility is to provide additional support that you could not quite get to during classroom learning. In other words, a GAMSAT private tutor of your choice complements your GAMSAT learning in your classroom sessions by providing valuable insights alongside the course experience.

Another key responsibility of a GAMSAT private tutor is to help you identify and overcome your areas of weaknesses in the GAMSAT subsections. This is one of the benefits of a one-on-one GAMSAT tutoring session as you get to reflect on obstacles you are facing in your preparation in the presence of a GAMSAT expert. 

Fraser’s private tutors are individuals who have done the GAMSAT and are well-versed teaching students to overcome their weaknesses. Under the supervision of a prior test-sitter, we are confident that their insights will provide a great complement to your general course learning.

Private Tutoring Is Built Into The Course

As stressed earlier, GAMSAT private tutoring is built into our GAMSAT courses because of the complementary course benefits it offers to students. For starters, let us take a look at our comprehensive course package. This is our all-inclusive, one-stop GAMSAT hamper, giving you a complete learning experience from the scratch. 

In the GAMSAT comp course, 12 weeks of private tutoring is specifically designed to tailor your Section 2 essay writing skills. As a part of this private tutoring, you get 8-weeks of Section 2 training followed by 1-hour weekly tutorials and 2 essays per week reviewed to fine-tune your writing skills.

Why Fraser’s Chose a Problem-Based Learning Approach?

The pedagogy of Fraser’s is to make learning a personalised experience, despite having students from different educational backgrounds. Fraser’s teaching philosophy is ever-evolving to help students become self-sufficient in various aspects of their life, key criteria for a future doctor.  

Problem-Based Learning is blended into our course curriculum to help students develop their own tried and tested approaches to investigate deeper contents of the GAMSAT. It also encourages students to create individualised patterns of logic - in other words, you are rationalising the researched information in your own way.  Hence, PBL encourages you to actively investigate, cooperate, and improve through mistakes with the support of your peers and tutors around you.

Problem-Based Learning Approach in GAMSAT Courses

Our GAMSAT courses have blended the PBL teaching approach alongside private tutoring to provide a deeper insight into the GAMSAT content and have an extended overview of strategies to tackle the different sections.

Furthermore, our GAMSAT tutors have extensive experience in the teaching space and have been accustomed to the layers of a PBL session. Considering the fact that they have prerequisite knowledge in this teaching model, their insights will be based on real-life experiences and obstacles they encountered, making your overall study experience optimal for a successful GAMSAT sitting

We hope our article on GAMSAT private tutoring has been of significance to you. Our private tutors have undergone extensive training and have a great deal of experience in the GAMSAT domain, which is a tried and tested method of improving people’s experiences and GAMSAT scores.

The effectiveness of our GAMSAT courses lies in our PBLs and private tutoring inclusions, which has been adapted from real medical school’s course curriculums to make your learning experience more realistic and attuned to tackle the intense med school courses in the near future.

On that note, why not take a deep dive into our courses or even reach out to our friendly mentor team to gain some further insights into how we can help you with your GAMSAT performance.