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GAMSAT Section 3 Physics Cheat Sheet

Published on
May 12, 2024

GAMSAT Physics for Section 3 is very polarising. Some students like it, while others hate it. However, it really is a shame to lose marks anywhere on the GAMSAT unnecessarily, if it can be helped. If you practice with these formulas, at least then you should be able to access the majority of physics questions, even if it is not your favorite Section 3 topic.

Additionally, mastering the higher-value Physics questions can be the deciding factor for admission to medical school. To excel in Physics, it's crucial to understand the relevant formulas and the underlying concepts. Physics is frequently regarded as the most challenging subject on the GAMSAT exam, mainly because many medical school applicants lack a background in Physics.

GAMSAT Physics Formula Sheet

In order to succeed in Section 3 of the GAMSAT, you should have a succinct list of topics to cover for physics, chemistry, and biology. By utilizing a GAMSAT physics cheat sheet, you will ensure that you will cover the core physics syllabus and equations that will be assessed in GAMSAT Section 3.

This cheat sheet should be referred to consistently throughout your GAMSAT physics preparation. As you progress through GAMSAT practice questions, we recommend keeping track of your strengths and weaknesses through a question log. Having a checklist of key GAMSAT physics topics assists you in better targeting your preparation and GAMSAT Section 3 study

How to make the best use of the GAMSAT Physics Cheat Sheet

1. Integrate it into Your Study Plan

The GAMSAT Physics Cheat Sheet is a valuable resource, but it's most effective when integrated into your overall GAMSAT study plan. Combine it with other GAMSAT Physics study and consistently refer to the Physics Cheat Sheet into your GAMSAT study.

2. Utilize Fraser's Learning Academy

Combine the GAMSAT Physics Cheat Sheet with Fraser's Learning Academy, our Free LMS, which covers all fundamental GAMSAT physics topics with practice quizzes. 

3. Track your Progress

Maintain a GAMSAT Section 3 Question Log to track your progress. The Question Log allows you to record the questions you've attempted, your answers, and any insights gained. By pairing it with the GAMSAT Physics Cheat Sheet, you can bridge theory with practical application and target specific areas for improvement efficiently

4. Practice Application

Rather than just memorizing formulas, practice applying them. The cheat sheet provides equations, but it's crucial to understand when and how to use them effectively.

The Fraser’s Learning Academy can come handy here, as you'll also get to do practice quizzes when you go through each GAMSAT Physics topic.

5. Target Your Weaknesses

With the use of the Question Log, you can easily identify areas in which you struggle the most. The cheat sheet can serve as a quick reference guide to help you review and clarify specific physics topics that challenge you. Focus on these areas during your study sessions to make efficient progress.

By incorporating these strategies into your GAMSAT Physics preparation, you can make the most of the GAMSAT Physics Cheat Sheet and GAMSAT Section 3 study time.

FAQ: Do I need to Memorize Formulas/ Equations in GAMSAT Physics?

While knowing GAMSAT Physics equations can be helpful, it's not always necessary because the exam usually provides the required information. However, learning how to use these formulas and practicing their application is crucial for your preparation. 

TIP To Remember: Formulas are just one part of it! Remember, the GAMSAT Exam is about reasoning, not rote memorization. It tests your ability to understand, interpret, and find patterns in the given information, making logical deductions.

We hope that you find this GAMSAT physics cheat sheet helpful in your GAMSAT preparation. Check out our other free resources below to maximize your chances of achieving a high GAMSAT score.

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