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GAMSAT Exam Dates 2023: September and March Sitting

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May 12, 2024

Important Update: ACER has now released the GAMSAT dates for 2024! Stay ahead in your preparation by checking out our latest article on GAMSAT Dates 2024 for all the essential information and key dates.

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is undertaken by students who are aiming to pursue a postgraduate medical degree in Australia, Ireland or in the UK. Known to be a higher-order intellectual exam, the GAMSAT has recently shifted from a paper-based exam to the online setting since COVID restrictions that occurred in 2019.

For those looking ahead, find out the latest on the GAMSAT 2024 dates in our new article.

GAMSAT, as we know, is used as an important prerequisite for selecting suitable candidates who can demonstrate an extent of core cognitive skills that are important for medicine, dentistry and other clinical professions. ACER describes GAMSAT as a high stakes examination which is conducted at secure test centres. Moving forward, ACER believes that there will be fewer candidates undertaking the exam, considering the online setting process. 

How Many Times A Year Does The GAMSAT Run?

Typically, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), the organisation responsible for conducting the GAMSAT exam , provides two testing windows in a year. The major testing window for Australia is in March, while the UK and Ireland major testing time is in September. All of this changed in 2020, when GAMSAT was cancelled in March and subsequently conducted in May to align with the COVID-19 restrictions.

If you are planning to enter a medical school in 2023, then you need to start preparing for the approaching March 2022 GAMSAT at the earliest. Note that the GEMSAS application cycle for medicine starting in 2023 is in may of 2022, so you need a valid GAMSAT score from march in order to apply. The team at Fraser's has consolidated all the key information about the upcoming GAMSATs and the registration process so you know what you need to plan for when.

GAMSAT September Dates 2022

Event GAMSAT Dates
GAMSAT Registrations Open Early May 2022
GAMSAT Registrations Close 22nd July 2022
GAMSAT Late Registrations Open 22nd July 2022
GAMSAT Late Registrations Close 29th July 2022
GAMSAT Testing Window 5 - 9th September 2022
GAMSAT Results Release Mid Week November 2022

March GAMSAT Dates For 2022

Event GAMSAT Dates
GAMSAT Registrations Open Early November 2021
GAMSAT Registrations Close 31st January 2022
GAMSAT Late Registrations Open 31st January 2022
GAMSAT Late Registrations Close 9th February 2022
GAMSAT Testing Window 18 - 22 March 2022
GAMSAT Results Release Late May 2022

Now that the March 2022 GAMSAT Scores have been released. here's a sneak peek into how the students have scored since the last GAMSAT sitting in 2021! If you are more of a listener, here's a podcast mapping out the March 2022 GAMSAT - What was it like? An interactive podcast hosted by our GAMSAT pros Mitch Aharon.

GAMSAT Registration Information

In order to register for the GAMSAT test, you have to lookout for the option to ‘Register’ to be available on the online account during the relevant registration window, depending on which GAMSAT you are registering for. 

To register for the GAMSAT, you have to create an account online, using a valid email address. This email address will be your primary source to gain access to future announcements, and to obtain a ‘GAMSAT Admission Ticket’ and the ‘GAMSAT Statement of Results.’ Once you create your account, this can also be used to register and re-sit the test in the future. 

It is important to ensure that your personal information, such as your full legal name and date of birth are correct as this will also be printed on the ticket and result statement. If these details are correct there will be no issues when the university needs to match that information to your medical application.

After filling in the details on the registration form, you will be required to fulfill the payment requirements, which we have outlined below. Upon completion of this final step, you will receive a confirmation email of successful registration and a payment receipt to your email address.

GAMSAT 2022 Requirements

The GAMSAT, in combination with your GPA score from your recent key bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate honour’s degree are considered by med schools while ranking you for a medical interview. Hence, registering and undertaking the GAMSAT in accordance with the medical school’s application cycle is very important. After all, missing out on a GAMSAT sitting could interfere with your future study plans and delay your medical degree by a year or two.

The GEMSAS Consortium then processes applications and ranks students based on the following parameters:

  1. GPA and GAMSAT score
  2. Performance in the medical interview; And
  3. Satisfying additional requirements like CASPer test and portfolios.

An important characteristic about the GAMSAT exam worth noting is that the nature of the test is meant to evaluate your problem-solving skills and conception of the basic sciences.

A degree in science is not a necessary prerequisite to sit the GAMSAT, however foundational knowledge in the biological and physical sciences can be an asset to your GAMSAT performance in GAMSAT Section 3. That being said, a degree with considerable writing can also be helpful for Section 1 and 2, so don’t feel disheartened if you need to work a little bit harder in a particular section - this is totally normal.

Planning for 2024? Get the latest registration details and dates in our GAMSAT Dates 2024 article.

GAMSAT 2022 Fees

Country of Test Taker GAMSAT Fee Late Registration Fee
Australia AUD 515 AUD 100
Ireland 341 Euros 70 Euros
UK 268 Pounds 60 Pounds

GAMSAT Refund Terms And Conditions

A request for refund should be submitted online through your GAMSAT account and you will receive a confirmation email stating that the request has been submitted successfully. Once your refund request has been processed, you won’t be able to access the preparation materials included during your GAMSAT registration, and the fee will be refunded to your registered credit card.

GAMSAT Deferral Terms

If you change your mind about undertaking the test in a specific testing window, you may be allowed to defer your registration to the next available testing period. Say for instance, you do not wish to sit the March 2022 GAMSAT, you can defer your registration to the September 2022 GAMSAT or even a 2023 GAMSAT. However, remember that you can defer your test sitting only once per registration.

The deferral procedure is relatively straightforward and requires you to log into your GAMSAT account and select the ‘Manage’ icon to then click on the ‘Apply for deferral’ option. 

The deferral requests need to be completed before the end of July 2022 in order to be taken into consideration by ACER.

GAMSAT Test Centres For 2022

The following table displays the test centres allocated for the March and September GAMSAT sitting across Australia:

March 2022 GAMSAT Testing Centres September 2022 GAMSAT Testing Centres
  • Adelaide
  • Ballarat
  • Brisbane
  • Dubbo
  • Darwin
  • Hobart
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Townsville
  • Sydney
  • Wollongong
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Dubbo
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Which Universities Accept The GAMSAT Score?

To apply for a medical degree for 2023 entry, the GAMSAT results from the March 2021, September 2021 and March 2022 GAMSAT will be deemed suitable. This is because GAMSAT scores have a two year validity, hence for 2023 admissions only these aforementioned timelines are accepted across the following postgraduate medical schools.

List of Australian Medical Schools GAMSAT Score Cut-off
Australian National University ** Minimum GAMSAT score of 50 in each section.
Deakin University ** Overall GAMSAT score of 50.
Griffith University ** Minimum score of 50 in each section.
Macquarie University ** Minimum overall GAMSAT score of 50.
University of Melbourne ** A score of 50 in each GAMSAT section.
University of Notre Dame ** Unweighted GAMSAT score of 52 or above.
University of Queensland ** Minimum unweighted GAMSAT score of 50.
University of Western Australia ** Minimum overall GAMSAT score of 55.
University of Wollongong ** A minimum score of 50 is essential.
Flinders University * Minimum score of 50 in each section.
University of Sydney * A minimum score of 50 in individual sections.

Note: ** Medical schools that are part of the GEMSAS Consortium whereas Flinders and USyd are known as non-GEMSAS med schools in Australia.

GAMSAT 2022 Test Day: Things To Do


It is good to leave home early, taking into account any possible disasters that could occur on route to your test centre. Arriving early will give you ample time to figure out the test building and the restrooms. You can figure out the mode of transport the night before in order to arrive early and be well-prepared to tackle any unforeseen circumstances on the way.

Relevant Documents Needed for the GAMSAT

Pack all the following items the night before the GAMSAT and have them ready in a backpack. This way you don’t have a chaotic morning and can instead focus on maintaining a low stress state of mind.

Ensure that you bring to your GAMSAT:

  1. Printed Admission Ticket
  2. Two Photo Identification Proofs
  3. Pencils (medium soft No. 2 or HB Recommended, sharpeners, erasers, pens and required stationery
  4. Pack light lunch or snacks like protein bars to consume during the 30-minute allotted break time
  5. Personal medications if any.
  6. A clear water bottle without labels.
  7. Ensure you carry a water bottle or other fresh juices. Avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks
  8. Carry a jacket or hoodie to stay comfortable in air-conditioned test rooms

Is The GAMSAT Test Hard?

An undeniable truth about the GAMSAT is that it is a difficult exam and requires immense dedication for a student to excel in it. It usually takes more than one sitting for students to receive a perfect score in the GAMSAT. So if you wish to make the most of your sitting, we suggest you check out our Free Resources available on our Fraser’s GAMSAT website to assist you in your GAMSAT prep. 

If you require further help with your GAMSAT preparation, our comprehensive and concentrated GAMSAT courses will take the guesswork out of what you need to do to ace the GAMSAT!

In addition, our teaching style is highly dynamic and we often have small classrooms, as it is a great way to motivate students to unlease their full potential amongst their peers. 

In contrast, if studying alone is your forte, then we also offer private tutoring to help you optimise your performance in the GAMSAT. This is a highly targeted tutoring space that adheres to your academic needs on a one-on-one basis.

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