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Fraser’s GAMSAT Review – What Do We Offer?

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April 15, 2024

We get it, sitting the GAMSAT can be expensive. Not only do you have to factor in the cost of the test but also the official ACER preparation materials. So further investing in one of Fraser’s GAMSAT preparation courses can feel daunting. You want to know that you’ll get your money’s worth if you choose to come on board! 

Before we analyse the various paid packages offered at Fraser’s GAMSAT, we want to draw your attention to our vast selection of free resources. This is because Fraser’s is driven by helping candidates get into medical school, not by profiting off them. In particular, we recommend you check out our GAMSAT Section 2 Quote Generator and our Sections 1 and 3 Question Logs

At Fraser’s, we are cognisant of students’ differing budgets and needs with regards to GAMSAT preparation. For this reason, we offer 3 different GAMSAT preparation courses. The Comprehensive package is recommended for students who are not from a science background or those who would like to brush up on Section 3 content. It is also recommended for students who would appreciate extra private tuition sessions. The Concentrated package is recommended for students who are comfortable with Section 3 content and would like access to the PBLs, personal mentorship and private tuition on offer, but to a lesser extent. 

Fraser’s Preps You For The GAMSAT As A Team

When you come on board to Fraser’s GAMSAT, you will be taught by a team of skilled tutors with educational expertise ranging from Biomedical Science to The Arts and everywhere in between. The majority of our tutors are current medical students. This means that they are recent GAMSAT sitters who have been in your exact position and understand the emotions associated with sitting this difficult exam. Our GAMSAT tutors can empathise with you and have a genuine desire to help you. Perhaps the most important and distinguishing factor of Fraser’s GAMSAT is that you actually get to see the people behind our company. You will not find this level of transparency and authenticity from many other GAMSAT preparation companies. 

Moreover, our GAMSAT preparation students value the culture of our classes. Our GAMSAT tutors are happy to stay back and help answer final questions past the finishing time of the lesson, we offer personal mentorship as standard in our Comprehensive and Concentrated packages and 1:1 learning in our private tutorials. We ensure that our classes are non-judgemental spaces where no students are made to feel silly or embarrassed to ask questions. Uniquely, we endeavour to incorporate ‘banter’ and jokes into our lessons as appropriate. This keeps the mood light despite the rigour of these otherwise intellectually demanding sessions.

Our Comprehensive and Concentrated classes are accessible across the globe. We offer GAMSAT lessons either in-person (COVID-permitting) or online. Regardless of whether you are in a virtual or physical GAMSAT classroom, we guarantee that our class sizes are small and interactive. Furthermore, every class is recorded and uploaded onto Fraser’s online for your review. 

Lastly, there is the Blueprint Package, which is designed for students who simply want access to our high quality GAMSAT questions and solutions. This includes access to our online Question Bank, Strategy Weekend and 4 Mock Exams. It is ideal for preparing for GAMSAT in a more self-directed manner.

Now that you are familiar with the courses Fraser’s has on offer – are they worth the investment? To answer this question, it is important to highlight the ways in which our GAMSAT prep course experience differs from our competitors.

Fraser’s GAMSAT Packages – Up To Date On Questions And Format

You may be visiting this page because you are considering purchasing some competitors’ GAMSAT preparation materials. Whilst we can’t speak for other online GAMSAT preparation providers, Frasers’ preparation courses have been written with the 2021 GAMSATs specifically in mind. We do not recycle questions from season to season. Rather, our question banks and Mock Exams are constantly updated by recent GAMSAT sitters. We ensure that our question writers are across the inevitable shifts in ACER question styles. In addition, our Mock Exams now emulate the online GAMSAT format unlike outdated GAMSAT eBooks still in circulation. 

At Fraser’s, we don’t just try to fashion ACER-like questions. Rather, we endeavour to actively understand trends in ACER question styles as well as the logic behind the GAMSAT exam, itself. Over the years, we have gained and refined our understanding of the convoluted GEMSAS preferencing system. We pass this knowledge onto our students through interactive webinars throughout the GAMSAT/ Medical Applications season.

Fraser’s Mock Exams – Track Your Progress With Confidence

Whether you choose to enrol in the Blueprint, Concentrated or Comprehensive package, you will gain access to our Online Mock Exams. These allow you to simulate a realistic exam-day experience. We encourage our students to develop an exam day routine that they repeat every Mock and, eventually, on the actual GAMSAT exam day. The Mock Exams also provide opportunities for you to become familiar with the new online GAMSAT format and to trial in-exam strategies and approaches to different question types. 

Our Unparalleled Analytics 

What further sets Fraser’s Mock Exams apart from the competition is the analytics that accompany the solutions. Not only will you receive written and video solutions to every Section 1 and 3 question but also a predicted score for your Section 2 essays. Moreover, you will have access to data that facilitates easy tracking of your Section 1 and 3 strengths and weaknesses as well as your improvement from Mock to Mock. Finally, you will receive an overall predicted GAMSAT score relative to not only the Fraser’s cohort but also the overall ACER cohort. Access to this type of feedback will guide your preparation in the final weeks leading up to the exam and can send you into the testing centre with real, founded confidence. Not false hope but an informed approach and realistic expectations of how the exam should play out. 

GAMSAT Prep Support – Always A Phone Call Away

At Fraser’s GAMSAT, student wellbeing is important to us. As a company, we pride ourselves on offering support for our students through multiple channels. For example, students in our Concentrated and Comprehensive packages receive private tuition. During these one-on-one teaching sessions, you decide what is covered. You are also provided with a personal mentor to check-in on you as the season progresses. 

Our New Online Community Platform

The support doesn’t exist on a purely tutor-student basis, though. We have recently developed a new community platform called ‘GAMSAT Masterclass’. Think of it like a ‘Facebook’ dedicated to discussing the GAMSAT amongst the Fraser’s GAMSAT family. The platform is structured so that you can follow posts about topics of interest. These include Sections 1, 2 and 3, GAMSAT Memes, Wellbeing and General GAMSAT News. There is also a discussion feed where you can connect with other GAMSAT preppers: asking each other for tips, venting about particular question types or just general life chat. Our GAMSAT tutors also have access to this space and share interesting/topical practice questions for students to attempt and discuss in the comments section. 

Outreach When Things May Not Go As Planned

Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned for even the most prepared students. We learned this in the March 2020 season when, due to COVID-19, the GAMSAT was cancelled indefinitely just one week out from the exam. In response to this tremendous curveball, we ran several webinars updating our students with our interpretations of all of the official ACER information, as it became available. In addition to this, we rapidly developed a new course to prepare students for the shift from a longer, paper-based exam to the then unknown, online format. This included organising a ‘Wellness Webinar’ in response to student requests. This involved a mindfulness expert presenting advice on how to deal with anxiety regarding the unknown and uncontrollable nature of the GAMSAT exam.

In addition, we always follow up with our students post-GAMSAT to see how they fared. This includes an open offer for Fraser’s GAMSAT students to seek genuine advice from us about anything medicine related – from how to preference universities to whether to go for another round of the GAMSAT. We understand that this is a gruelling process and want to make it as painless as possible for students. Accordingly, we can offer some flexibility with packages and pricing for repeat Fraser’s GAMSAT customers, if needed. 

Streamlined Guidance –

From Medical Applications Through To Interviews

Indeed, another hallmark of the Fraser’s Company is the continuity of your student experience. ‘Mentoring students for the long term’ is one of our central goals. The support provided by the Fraser’s GAMSAT team does not end when the GAMSAT testing window does. In addition to our informative webinars regarding the complicated medical school applications process, we also provide university-specific information sessions so that you can get a feel for how each uni differs and which you might prefer. 

Once our students progress to the Interview phase of the medical school entry process, we again offer our guidance in the form of free and paid resources. Alternatively, if the GAMSAT isn’t for you, Fraser’s also offer UCAT (formerly known as the UMAT) training. This is a different psychometric test that can allow you to enter undergraduate medical degrees at some Australian and New Zealand Universities.

When You Join The Fraser’s Family, What Do You Get For Your Money?

Still not convinced? See our Testimonials page to read why former students recommend Fraser’s GAMSAT courses and practise material.

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