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This UCAT Diagnostic Exam can predict your UCAT score, assessing each of the 5 subtests. It is built
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December 22, 2020

How to Effectively Prepare for the UCAT?

The UCAT exam is a standardised assessment of your cognitive abilities used by a large number of medical schools in Australia and in the UK during the undergraduate application process. Not all these cognitive abilities are easy to master and require prolonged practice to acquire UCAT-specific skills to successfully embark on the next stage of your application drill.

All things said, when it comes to UCAT preparation, there is no denying that adequate time is essential to improve your fundamental understanding of UCAT so as to achieve the application phase without much difficulty.  This is precisely where you should heavily rely on our UCAT practice exams to really estimate to what degree you are prepared for a pyschometirc test such as the UCAT.

Why are UCAT Practice Tests Important?

The simple and straightforward response to this question is that the structure of practice tests are identical to the real UCAT exam and continues to give you a flavour of the wide range of UCAT questions that you are likely to confront. 

Moreover, once you have the theoretical knowledge of what the UCAT entails, your ultimate goal is to build distinct, yet suitable approaches to tackle the diverse themes of questions. A UCAT Practice Exam paves the way for you to implement a range of tried-and-tested strategies, to really pin down on the strategies that work best for you

How Can this Practice Exam Tool Improve Your UCAT Study Process?

A UCAT practice test is designed to primarily help you identify your strong and weak areas, so you can deploy a targeted study strategy to improve your UCAT score.

Additionally, this highly-intercative tool is updated regularly to keep you on par with the current testing format and nature of questions that appear in the UCAT. All that is required of you is to spend less than 10 minutes to have a crack at this diagnostic exam that gives you a sample of each of the 5 UCAT subtests.

As the name suggests, this ‘express’ exam is not pressuring but instead, times you in a manner similar to the UCAT Consoritum and allows you to quickly gauge where your cognitive skills stand. 

This express test also gives you a predicted UCAT score, which can help you draw an analysis between subsections you find challenging as opposed to those that are within your comfort zone in the UCAT. 

Check out this express practice test to obtain an approximate UCAT score, without having to do a full-length mock exam!

Here’s How You Can Reach Your Full Potential in Your UCAT Prep..

We at Fraser’s have UCAT preparation materials for all types of learners. Whether you are a perfectionist who cannot leave questions unanswered or are peculiar about time management, we have highly-detailed course inclusions to support your journey.

Our UCAT experts are available on your clock, to provide guidance and specialised knowledge that can be of invaluable help to your progress in the UCAT. Take a moment to book a FREE, private consultation with one of our UCAT mentors and build a UCAT study routine that can bring you the success you aimed for.

For those aiming to sit the UCAT coming testing window, you are never too late to begin your UCAT prep. With our concentrated and comprehensive UCAT course packages, you can enjoy the broad range of course privileges, from weekly skill workshops, unlimited access to our Online ATLAS and 10 full-length mock exams, you additionally get assigned a personal mentor who will stand shoulder to shoulder in every step of your medical endevaour.

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