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The University of Notre Dame Doctor of Medicine (MD) 2025 Guide

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June 6, 2024

The University of Notre Dame Doctor of Medicine (MD) (Sydney & Fremantle)

The University of Notre Dame, as the name suggests, also a catholic university, the only religious medical school of its kind in Australia.

At UNDA, the Doctor of Medicine (MD) aims at providing constructive training and clinical experience to students determined to establish themselves in a medical career. The University of Notre Dame is now in the process of amalgamating its Sydney and Fremantle medical schools into one single medicine hub operating throughout the country. The impact this will have on future applications is yet to become clear.

For now, UNDA functions as two separate medical schools, varying in the final medical places offered to prospective students but sharing similar requirements for GPA, GAMSAT and medical interviews!

The School of Medicine, located at Darlinghurst and Fremantle, emphasises on creating excellent, caring and ethical doctors for the medical profession. The Notre Dame MD curriculum has also developed innovative strategies towards advancing bioethics and focuses on improving rural medicine, palliative measures, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The University of Notre Dame Doctor of Medicine Course Information

The Medical program at the University of Notre Dame Australia offers a comprehensive four-year, full-time course designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge for a successful medical career.

Key elements of this postgraduate degree include:

  • Innovative clinical skills training, facilitated by experienced clinical academics who are experts in their respective fields.
  • A holistic approach to healthcare, with opportunities for placements in Aboriginal health, rural, and remote settings to foster a deep understanding of diverse healthcare needs.
  • In the first two years, students engage in problem-based learning in small groups, promoting collaborative and critical thinking skills.
  • Clinical placements in both public and private sector hospitals in years three and four provide hands-on experience in real-world healthcare settings.
  • Education in bioethics as part of a liberal arts curriculum, preparing them to navigate complex ethical dilemmas in medical practice.
  • Students undertake an applied research project in an area of their interest, enabling them to contribute to advancements in healthcare through evidence-based practice.

UNDA Medical Program Entry Requirements for Domestic and International Applicants

Doctor of Medicine (MD) at University of Notre Dame is available for both domestic and international applicants - unlike previous years.

University of Notre Dame MD Domestic Entry Requirements

Admission to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is available to Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holders, and New Zealand citizens.

Domestic Applicants will be selected for admission based on the following criteria:

NOTE: The 2023 intake of UNDS Medical Students had an average GPA of 6.70 and an average GAMSAT score of 66.

University of Notre Dame MD International Entry Requirements

International Applicants will be selected for admission based on the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor’s degree that has been recognised as equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree, AQF Level 7 and which has been taught and assessed in English within the last 10 years, or to be in the final year of an eligible Bachelor’s degree.
  • An overall weighted Grade Point Average of 5.2 or higher on a 7 point scale, calculated from the applicant’s most recent three years of undergraduate study.
  • Unweighted GAMSAT Score of at least 50 (in all sections and overall) or overall MCAT score of at least 500.
  • The School of Medicine uses a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format.

NOTE: In 2024, 50 places were available for international students at the Sydney Campus.

How to Apply to Medicine at the University of Notre Dame Australia

How to Apply as a Domestic Applicant for UNDA Medical School

Domestic applicants must submit a GEMSAS application in order to be considered.

According to the GEMSAS, the University of Notre Dame ranks applicants based on their combined GPA score, GAMSAT exam result, CASPER testing and interview results.

Applicants may need to submit additional documents to support their application if the applicant has studied at a non-ARTS university and/or has an Australian rural background.

How to Apply as an International Applicant for UNDA Medical School

International students are not applicable for places in 2025 through the GEMSAS application process. Instead, they should reach out to the University's International Admissions Office at for guidance on the application procedure.

International applicants for the Doctor of Medicine are required to submit the following:

Please note that International applicants should apply directly to the University, not through GEMSAS. **Applications can be submitted online at

Alternative Entry Pathways to Medicine at UNDA

There are alternative pathways to the UNDA MD general pathway entry if applicants fit the criteria. Please see below.

Assured Pathway Entry into UNDA Medical Program

Students who gain admission through an assured pathway to the Doctor of Medicine (Sydney) program at the University of Notre Dame Australia must ensure that they meet the requirements. They are conditionally accepted pending successful completion of either the Bachelor of Biomedical Science or the Bachelor of Advanced Biomedical Science (Honours), along with achieving a prescribed minimum GPA.

Priority Pathway Entry into UNDA Medical Program

For graduates of the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Notre Dame Australia seeking entry to the Doctor of Medicine program via the Priority Pathway, specific requirements are outlined annually by the university. Typically, applicants must meet a prescribed minimum GPA, achieve a minimum score on the GAMSAT, complete the Casper online situational judgment test, and participate in an interview.

These criteria, subject to annual review, aim to assess candidates' academic performance, personal attributes, and suitability for the medical profession, providing clear guidance for prospective applicants.

The Aboriginal Entry Pathway into UNDA Medical Program

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants seeking entry into the Indigenous Pathway to Medicine at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney campus, are required to fulfil specific criteria.

  • A valid GAMSAT score,
  • GPA score will be assessed, calculated via GEMSAS calculations.
  • Confirmation of Aboriginality must be provided
  • Candidates must undergo a specialized interview tailored for the Indigenous Pathway.

These criteria aim to ensure that applicants from Indigenous backgrounds are given equitable opportunities to pursue medical education, recognizing the importance of cultural diversity and representation within the medical profession.

Facilitated Pathways to UNDA Medical Interview

For those applicants who haven’t been offered an interview through the Graduate Entry Medical Schools Admissions System (GEMSAS) process, there are other means to receive an opportunity to perform at the UNDA MMI process. Please see the table below:

Facilitated Pathways to Interviews Interview Offers
UNDA Graduates 10
Graduate Diploma of Health and Medical Sciences Graduate 20
UTS Bachelor of Advanced Science in Pre-medicine Graduates 5
ACU Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences 5

University of Notre Dame Medical Interviews

The University of Notre Dame's Sydney and Fremantle campuses have transitioned to conducting their Medical Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) online since 2020. These interviews utilize an online interviewing software tool called Modern Hire.

The MMI format includes at least seven stations, each with a single interviewer or assessor. During the interview, candidates are provided with 2 minutes of reading time to review the question prompt, followed by 5 minutes to provide an auto-recorded response. There will be a 1-minute break between stations, although there will be no designated rest station.

This format aims to maintain the integrity of the interview process while adapting to online platforms, ensuring a fair and efficient assessment of candidates' abilities and suitability for the medical program.

University of Notre Dame Sydney Campus Medical Interview Questions

  • Personal style questions are commonly featured in university interviews, and UNDA follows suit by incorporating them into their selection process.
  • UNDA frequently assesses applicants' visuospatial critical thinking skills, often through the interpretation of images, and evaluates their ability to analyze quotes for deeper nuances.
  • Doctor-patient interactions, essential in medicine, are emphasized in UNDA's interviews, potentially through acting stations or direct questioning.
  • Public health is a significant focus at UNDA, and applicants should be well-versed in relevant topics.
  • Basic ethics, particularly in the context of medical ethics, are essential areas of knowledge that UNDA assesses during interviews.
  • Applicants should be prepared to share anecdotes from their lives, as UNDA may test them on personal experiences and how they relate to medicine.

University of Notre Dame Fremantle Campus Medical Interview Questions

  • "Why Medicine?" and "What qualities will make you a good doctor?" are common questions aimed at understanding an applicant's motivations and suitability for the medical profession, focusing on qualities such as empathy, resilience, communication skills, and a genuine desire to help others.
  • Applicants may be asked to reflect on the hardest time of their lives, gauging their ability to handle personal challenges and adversity, as well as their emotional resilience.
  • A scenario concerning a medical issue, such as diabetes in Indigenous communities, may be presented to assess the applicant's understanding of public health issues, cultural sensitivity, and problem-solving skills.

Refer to the Medical MMI Question Generator created by the Fraser’s Interview Training team grouped by University, topics and sub-categories to perform better at the MMI stations.

University of Notre Dame Australia Medical School 2024 Key Dates

Entry Events Dates
GEMSAS Applications Open Early May 2024
GEMSAS Applications Close End of May 2024
Interview Offers Made Early September 2024
Interviews Take Place Later September to Early October 2024
Place Offers Made Early November 2024
Classes Commence Late January 2025

University of Notre Dame Australia Medical School Fees Structure

The University of Notre Dame, Australia is recognised as a Table A University which means the University’s fees are on similar standards with public universities presently.

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) is offered to most domestic undergraduate students. The CSP offers a subsidy to domestic students, reducing the amount of fee they must pay to the university. Currently Full-Fee Paying students are eligible for a CSP and must complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) before their census date to convert a CSP.

To be eligible for the CSP, you must be: an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder or a New Zealand citizen, who will live and study in Australia during the duration of the course.

UNDA Places Available for 2025 Intake

Location Type of Places Total Number of Places Offered
UNDA Sydney Commonwealth Supported Places 43
Bonded Medical Places 17
Full-fee Paying Domestic Places Up to 60
Full-fee Paying International Places Up to 60
UNDA Fremantle Commonwealth Supported Places 81
Bonded Medical Places 29
International Spots Up to 20

Fees and Course Costs for Medicine at Notre Dame Sydney and Fremantle

Fee Type Course Fees (Full-time study load in MD program)
Domestic Applicants/ Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) AUD $11,300
Fee Paying Places (FFP) AUD $45,000
International Applicants AUD $75,000
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