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Undergraduate Medicine Guide to QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre)

Published on
May 12, 2024

What Does QTAC Stand For?

QTAC stands for Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre and is an intermediary platform that facilitates the transition of students from high school education into tertiary courses in Queensland.

QTAC Key Responsibilities

QTAC’s role is to provide a one-stop platform for tertiary institutions located in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Undergraduate applications submitted by students are collected, processed, and assessed by QTAC, who then calculate an ATAR score in accordance with approved rules, policies, and procedures. QTAC then has the responsibility to overlook the selection and offer process. Once a student's chosen institution has made a decision, QTAC releases offer letters to these successful applicants.

QTAC University Entry Requirements

To be eligible to apply for QTAC consideration, applicants must be:

  1. An Australian citizen
  2. Australian permanent resident
  3. New Zealand citizen
  4. A temporary resident or someone with a student visa currently in Year 12 (Australia or overseas equivalent)

In general, most students in their final year of study in secondary education are eligible to apply through QTAC. 

Eligibility to apply for QTAC Undergraduate Medicine Offers is based on two main criteria:

  1. Assessments (admissions tests, interviews, ATAR, etc.)
  2. Meeting the requirements of subject prerequisites
  3. The medical school’s decision

Each institution under the QTAC jurisdiction has different weighting on individual entry criteria. While some may prioritise the ATAR, UCAT, and Interview evenly, others may value one of these selection criteria more than the other. See our pages on UQ, Bond, and JCU for more information or alternatively refer to the table below to see how each university assesses student suitability for undergrad medicine.

Notably, given the current situation with the current COVID-19 pandemic, medical school weighting of each factor is considerably more volatile compared to normal non-COVID times. Please be active in finding the most up to date information as changes to these weightings can occur.

How Is ATAR Calculated By QTAC?

Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is a rank that is derived solely based on your academic merit. QTAC holds the responsibility of calculating your ATAR in order to rank you amongst other students in your graduating year, including those eligible for a medical place.

Additionally, students must also satisfactorily complete an equivalent English subject, including English, English as an Additional Language, English and Literature Extension, Literature, or Essential English.

While the ATAR is a common measure of educational ranking and scoring in Australia, it is calculated differently throughout the country. For instance, in Queensland, only your unit ¾ raw results are accounted for in your ATAR by QCAA (QCAA is an authority which does not operate under any educational institutions, instead seeks to create and amend subject syllabuses).

A final rank is eventually generated after a complex process of subject scaling. Here, ATAR eligibility and the rules of the Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA) are applied, and then it is finally possible to place students in an appropriate ranking based upon their overall assessment success. This is done by adding the top five highest-scaled subject results to generate a Subject Aggregate.

From here, students will then receive their appropriate ATAR which will be used in consideration for university course offers, along with any other external factors such as admission exams like the UCAT.

Note that QCE is then a certificate students receive which demonstrates the individual’s overall achievement in reaching a specific standard of education at senior schooling level.


The UCAT exam is a highly time-strenuous exam which seeks to assess your mental faculties. It is a two hour, computer-based test, divided into 5 subsections:

  1. UCAT Verbal Reasoning?
  2. UCAT Decision Making?
  3. UCAT Quantitative Reasoning?
  4. UCAT Abstract Reasoning?
  5. UCAT Situational Judgement?

Ultimately, the UCAT exam is identified by many UG medical schools as crucial to understanding a student's potential in the fields of medicine and dentistry. Notably, the exam can only be sat once per year, per cycle, so it is crucial that you optimise your performance. Fraser’s also offers an abundance of free blog articles, preparation materials, practice exams, and highly-skilled tutors who understand this exam and the medical application process inside and out.

University Course Criteria Deadlines
James Cook University (Townsville)
Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (6 years) - Interview (by Invitation) Apply via QTAC + submit written application form by last working day in September

Bond University


Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine (5 years)

- Academic Assessment/Psychometric Test

- Interview

- ATAR 96+ or IB 38+ and English plus one of: 
- Chemistry
- Maths
- Physics

Apply via QTAC (if in the final year of secondary school) by the last working day in September.

University of Queensland


Doctor of Medicine

-UCAT Score (25%)

- Interview (50%)

- An adjusted ATAR of 85.00 or above (25%)

Apply via QTAC by last working day in September

QTAC University Application Process

The application process for QTAC Undergrad Medicine can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. There is a fair amount of key information that you must look out for when applying. So let us get right into discussing the step-by-step process to apply for undergraduate medicine:

QTAC Applications

  1. Register to receive ATAR. You must provide your full name, date of birth, LUI number (which is a unique 10-digit Learner Unique Identifier), and a personal email address. Registrations officially open 3 August. 
  2. For applications for tertiary study in 2022, you must also complete a QTAC Application. At the conclusion of this step, you may change preferences, upload documentation, review offers, check qualifications, pay fees, change personal details, among others.

Here is an application checklist for the essential information you do need to provide.

QTAC Application Checklist

  • LUI (Learner Unique Identifier) 
  • Personal email address 
  • Additional qualification details
  • A guardian to authorise

Note that some universities do also require separate applications which are to be made directly to the institution. These universities are namely JCU and Bond.

Next is to look for the courses you are looking to apply for. 

QTAC Applications Continued

  1. Using QTAC Course Search, locate the undergraduate medicine programs you are interested in. From here, there is a number of course specific information you must take note of. This would include admissions criteria such as subject prerequisites, assumed knowledge, and recommended study. 
  2. The next step is to preference your courses, of which there are 6 courses you may preference. At Fraser’s, we recommend that you utilise your top two spots for absolute desired courses, leaving the 3rd and 4th options for back-up courses. Your 5th and 6th options should be pathway courses into your top two preferences. 
  3. Finally, once you have preferences set, you must pay the QTAC Fee. For year 12 students, this is $46, and must be paid prior to the due date, or else your application may not be eligible for first round offers!

Bond University: Admission Timeline

Entry into Bond University's medical program operates slightly differently to other undergrad medical schools. That is, Bond conducts a separate psychometric assessment to the UCAT. Nonetheless, applications to Bond University is still facilitated by QTAC, but unlike other medical courses, Bond’s assessment takes place the same year of desired study, alongside application due dates and offer releases.

The deadline dates provided below were for 2021. The dates for 2022 are yet to be determined, but should take place around the same time frame as the year prior.

Bond University Application Timeline

Bond Events Date
QTAC Applications open for entry into Bond’s Undergraduate Medicine Program 14 January 2021, 9am QLD Time
Applications Close 28 January 2021, Midnight QLD Time
Psychometric Testing Conducted
15 February 2021 to 16 February 2021
Medical Program Interviews
2 March, 3 March, 5 March 2021
Round 1 Offers Released from QTAC Website
12 March 2021
Bond University
Course Name Deadlines
B Medical Studies and the Doctor of Medicine All required supporting documentation should be submitted to QTAC by the last working day of January in the academic year you wish to study in.
James Cook University
Course Name Deadlines
B Medical Studies and the Doctor of Medicine

All required supporting documentation should be submitted to QTAC by 30th September.

Written application form directly to JCU by 30th September 2021.

The University of Queensland
Course Name Deadlines
Doctor of Medicine Provision Entry for School-Leavers, Doctor of Medicine Provisional Entry for School-Leavers (Bonded Medical Program) All required supporting documentation should be submitted to QTAC by 30th September.

Key Dates For QTAC Applications

Description Date
UCAT Testing Begins 1 July 2021

QTAC Applications open for 2022 Courses

ATAR Account registration opens
3 August 2021
Closing date for applications September (typically around the last working day, 30th)
Interview Offers and Interviews held
November/December (TENTATIVE)
Final date to apply and submit documentation to QTAC for December offer round
9th December 2021
Final date to apply and submit documentation to QTAC for January offer round
10th December 2021
Queensland ATAR Released
18th December 2021
Preference Changes due date for next offer round
20th December 2021 12pm (QLD Time)
Offer Round
23rd December 2021
Preference Changes due date for next offer round
5th January 2022
  Offers Round

Where To Next?

Applying to undergrad medicine is not always limited to your home state! For guidance on undergraduate medicine applications to other medicine schools around Australia, see our other step-by-step, comprehensive guides!


Alternatively, the Fraser’s family offers a wide range of Free Resources and Tools, each looking at various themes relating to medical school applications, UCAT prep and the medical interview tips.