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Undergraduate Medicine Australia: CSU Medical School and WSU Medicine

Published on
May 11, 2024

Latest Update: WSU Medicine Undergrad collaborates with Medicine at CSU (Maybe we can make this text pop up?)

Whether you choose to study at WSU Undergraduate Medicine or at the Charles Sturt University Undergraduate Medicine program, you can decide between the Campbelltown campus located in Greater Western Sydney or the Orange campus in CSU, Central NSW. 

Yep - either one! Surprising, isn't it? 

As of 2021, Western Sydney University and Charles Sturt University have officially announced plans to deliver a 'Joint Program' for an undergraduate medical degree, running over five-years, qualifying each student to be a medical practitioner throughout Australia and New Zealand. Both CSU Medicine and WSU Medicine have a strong commitment towards regional and rural health and focus on improving the Australian rural health crisis by producing empathetic, reliable and skilled doctors. 

WSU Undergraduate Medicine and CSU Course Catalog

The Undergraduate Medicine Degree combines a problem-based learning approach and implements clinical practice within the core foundation of learning. The joint undergraduate medical program offers three years of extensive clinical training to develop your core scientific knowledge, including experimental learning from experiences such as an Aboriginal Health Service placement, General Medical Practice, community health, advanced research skills, personal and professional development.

Whether you pick the WSU Medical School campus or the CSU Orange campus, you will get access to the latest state-of-the-art research facilities. The undergraduate medical program has been developed around four primary themes:

  • Patient care
  • Health in the community
  • Personal and professional development
  • The scientific basis of Medicine

Once you commence your undergraduate study, you are exposed to clinical learning and gaining new insights from actual patients within the first couple of weeks into the First Year. Furthermore, students are encouraged to learn through small-group collaborative learning and utilise class materials, video tutorials and lectures to apply biomedical sciences to clinical problems.

If you are passionate about research, you can choose an additional year to receive the Bachelor of Medical Research during the second year of the study period. Following this, the third Year focuses mainly on applying practical skills into clinical settings and community placements. Additionally, you must decide on a significant project idea to pursue and complete the Bachelor of Clinical Science requirements.

In Year Four, you are encouraged to build your own clinical experience through placements in specialties and subspecialties clinical wards. The placements can range between metropolitan hospitals, general practice and Aboriginal Medical services in rural and remote regions. Finally, Year five is crucial for students to complete their project and develop the portfolio to graduate with a Doctor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Science degree.

Charles Sturt University and WSU Medicine Entry Requirements

One striking factor about both the universities is their dedication to improving regional Australia's medical health and safety. CSU Medical School’s acceptance rate is higher for students coming from regional and rural Australia. Therefore, Charles Sturt University Undergraduate Medicine guarantees up to six interview positions for prospective students entering via the Charles Sturt University pathway. Students applying via this pathway must complete the course prerequisites, have undertaken the UCAT exam, and submit the essential Medical Admissions Questionnaire.

Furthermore, the WSU School of Medicine is actively involved in encouraging applicants from regional Australia. The undergraduate program preserves a proportion of the medical interview offers to applicants from Greater Western Sydney.

Now that you are aware of the Joint Program in Medicine, it is paramount to understand that the WSU medicine entry requirements are no different from CSU’s entry requirements. 

Domestic applicants must apply as a 'general applicant' and hence will be classified as those students with an Australian or New Zealand citizenship or an Australian Permanent Residency.

The following criteria to be fulfilled for entry into undergraduate medicine:

  1. Receive a competitive UCAT score;
  2. Greater Western Sydney applicant must receive an ATAR score of 93.5; 
  3. For Non-Greater Western Sydney applicants - A WSU Medicine ATAR or the Charles Sturt University Medicine ATAR score of 95.5 is mandatory; 
  4. Attain a good performance in the CSU or the WSU MMI;
  5. Complete the Medical Admissions Questionnaire.

Both the universities take into account your UCAT score to invite you for an MMI interview. You are given a choice to attend the interview either at Campbelltown or Orange, regardless of your preferred location of study.

WSU Medical Science and Charles Sturt University Medicine Application

Submitting medicine applications at Western Sydney Undergraduate Medicine and Charles Sturt University Undergrad follow the same admission process. All domestic students must submit their application with relevant documents to the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). The applications open during early August, and the closing date is typically around late September each year. 

The next step in your admission process is crucial as the application form requires you to specify your preferred study location. As both Western Sydney University and CSU offer one undergrad program, UAC will note your preferences and offer only one place into the Joint Program in Medicine.

Charles Sturt University Undergrad and WSU Medicine Fees

If you are a domestic student, you are automatically eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), an assurance provided by the Australian Government to pay a part of your fees as a subsidy, not a loan. The remaining amount must be paid by you, which is known as your Student Contribution Amount (SCA). These CSP places are highly competitive and are offered to only particular undergraduate award courses and selective postgraduate award courses.

For Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science, domestic students eligible for the CSP must pay AUD $11,296. 

CSU and WSU Medical Term Dates

Admission and Interview Timeline Event
July 2021 UCAT Testing window opens
August 2021 UAC Applications open for domestic applicants
Late September 2021 UAC Applications deadline for domestic applicants
October 2021 Successful applicants are invited for a Multi-station Mini Interview (MMI)
November 2021 MMI Interviews are conducted on campus
January 2022 UAC UAC sends out first round of offers to successful students
February 2022 First-year Joint Medical Program commences

Where To From Here?

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