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UCAT Question Log

Published on
April 15, 2024

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UCAT Question log 2024

The UCAT, as you know, is a computerised test that evaluates your cognitive ability that has been deemed important by medical schools. The UCAT consists of five independently timed subtests:

Verbal Reasoning

Decision making

Quantitative Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning

Situational Judgement Test

Each UCAT subtest assesses you on various characteristics to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to excel in medical school and subsequently as a doctor. 

Receiving a competitive UCAT score will help you to pursue medicine at your preferred medical school. To achieve this, you should invest time and resources into having a roadmap for UCAT study. It is well accepted that the UCAT practice exam is an important part of your UCAT preparation.

Keeping track of your progress can refine your UCAT prep and yield better results while sitting the exam. So here's a UCAT Question Log specially designed to help you through each section of the UCAT study

How Do I Use The UCAT Question Log?

While undertaking the UCAT practice exam, use the log to tag questions by type to reveal particular strengths and weaknesses in your performance. You can then attempt to rectify areas in need of improvement to achieve a high UCAT score.

Remember to achieve a high UCAT score, you must engage in active time management to be ahead in your game. A question log is ideal to manifest in huge dividends as you can appropriately allocate a defined amount of time to optimise your UCAT exam performance!