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Postgraduate Medicine Interview Formats for 2023 Entry

Published on
May 2, 2024

University Specific Interview Formats for 2023 Entry Postgraduate Medicine

Medical interviews are super important for many reasons, but primarily because they give you a final chance to make a good, first impression to your interviewers, who have the knack and intricacy to find your true potential and drive for medicine. Each year, medical schools are making great efforts to improve the interview environment since COVID-19 made our everyday quite unpredictable.

It is crucial that you keep your focus on 'where', 'how' and 'what' would your favoured medical school's execution plan on conducting medical interviews this year.

For 2023 intake, each medical school has released their key interview timeline, preferred interview platform (zoom or in-person or other), type of interview structure - MMI or Panel and the ranking formula for final offers, and we have collated it all onto one, easy-to-read table!

Below is a table that summarises the format of the interviews for 2023 entry. It presents up to date information and is correct at time of publishing. 

As universities release and amend formats without notice, make sure to keep checking this page to ensure you are informed about your university’s interviewing specifics.

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