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Which Med Schools Will Count 2020 GPA Results?

Published on
April 15, 2024

Universities that will unwaveringly include 2020 GPA results in applications for 2022 and onwards are:

1. Australian National University

2. University of Notre Dame (Sydney and Fremantle)

3. University of Queensland

4. University of Sydney

5. Flinders Uni

6. Bond University

7. Macquarie Uni

However, these universities may have certain caveats, so please peruse the table below for full details.

The table includes other universities that will have an opt-in/opt-out service for their medical applications, as well as universities that have completely outlawed GPAs from the year 2020, altogether.

Knowing your GPA results will help you determine what GAMSAT you will need from either the March or September sittings.

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What is a GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which is a weighted mean of all of your grades achieved in the final 3 years equivalent of full-time Bachelor level study. Due to 2020 disruptions in university study due to COVID-19, certain universities (shown above) decided whether or not to include grades from 2020 in the calculation of the GPA. The GPA is often a competitive requirement for applications to medical school in Australia and some parts of the United Kingdom. 

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Where to from here?

Wanting to know your GPA? Calculate your GPA. If you are thinking about or in the middle of submitting your medical school applications, see our Ultimate Guide to Medical School Applications for more information.