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Medical Interview (MMI) Station and Timing Guide

Published on
May 13, 2024

Although most Australian medical schools use MMIs, each has a unique approach, and there are some key differences in their implementation.

In this guide, you’ll find out how each medical school in Australia performs its medical interview. We’ve compiled everything you need to know, from the number of MMI stations and the timing of interviews, all the way to the types of questions you’ll get at each medical school, and locations. 

1. Medical Interview Timing

Each medical interview varies by time in the station, time for reading and time in between. Here’s a few things to remember about watching the clock in your medical interview:

  • It’s important to be aware of the time you're allotted at the start of your preparation.
  • Practise answering questions with time limits and the expected number of follow-ups in mind.
  • It’s important to use your own internal clock, not something distracting such as a stopwatch.
  • Work on the feeling of time passing and get better at self-evaluating the length of your answers.

2. MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) Stations

An MMI station is usually a room with an interviewer who has a specific set of questions on a given topic. You can expect quite a few different MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) stations:

You can find out more about each of these stations in each of the articles we’ve written in our free resources. Please note this guide is based on the previous year’s interviews, and is therefore subject to change.