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Bond University Medical Program 2025 Guide

Published on
June 6, 2024

Medicine at Bond University Course Overview

Bond Uni Medicine consists of two sequential degrees split into two parts: Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt) and the Doctor of Medicine (MD). The Bond BMedSt runs for 2 years 8 months (8 semesters), providing students with the foundational knowledge, techniques, and skills to practice medicine within hospital wards effectively and in healthcare environments. Students commencing their undergraduate medicine at Bond Uni undertake foundation learning through problem-based learning, interactive workshops, and clinical scenarios.

The second part of the medical program, Doctor of Medicine (MD) runs for 2 years (6 semesters). This aspect of the medical course focuses on clinical training and effective communication, to ensure students deliver information to their patients clearly and concisely.

Bond undergraduate Medicine is integrated around the following domains:

  • Science and Scholarship - This domain focuses on applied science, research, critical evaluation and training.
  • Clinical Practice and Communication - To improve physical examination, diagnosis skills from simulation to hospital practice and consultation.
  • Health and Society - To build knowledge around core subjects such as - Planetary health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, inequity in health and health practices to enhance advocacy.
  • Professionalism and Leadership - Applying ethics, professionalism, understanding medico-legal aspects and self-care.

Is Bond University Good for Medicine?

Bond University stands out among medical schools for offering undergraduate medicine to both recent high school graduates and those who have completed or begun their undergraduate degrees. The Bond University Medical program extends over four years and eight months of full-time study, featuring an accelerated timetable with three semesters per year. This accelerated pathway offers the shortest route to becoming a doctor in Australia.

Bond University Medicine Entry Requirement

The Bond University medical program generally has around 180 places, 80% for undergraduate students, and 20% of medical places for graduate students.

Undergraduate Entry Requirement for Bond University Med

Starting in 2022, Bond University has revised its entry requirements for the Medical Program to better align with the diverse needs of Australian society. The prerequisite for admission to the Bond Medical Program now includes English, English as an Additional Language, Literature, or English & Literature Extension (QCAA General Subject, Units 3 and 4 at Grade C or higher).

Applicants must provide documented evidence of meeting this prerequisite to QTAC by the application deadline for the relevant period.

It's important to note that applicants to the Bachelor of Medicine at Bond University are not required to take the UCAT as part of the application process.

Alternative Entry Options for Postgraduate Students for Bond University Med

Both domestic and international students who have completed specific programs at Bond University and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 (Bond grading) have the opportunity to apply for entry into Year 2 of the Bachelor of Medical Studies (BmedSt).

For graduates of the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pre-Health Professional major), Master of Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Physiotherapy, or Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice, meeting the GPA requirement makes them eligible to apply for Year 2 of the BmedSt.

Additionally, graduates of the Master of Healthcare Innovations who completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science prior to their Healthcare Innovations degree may also be eligible for Year 2 of the BmedSt, pending transcript evaluation.

Selection for entry into Year 2 of the BmedSt is based on GPA, psychometric testing, and an interview. However, availability of places in the program is limited.

This pathway is currently the only route available to international students for entry into the Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine programs. Successful candidates will commence in Year 2 of the Bachelor of Medical Studies and may progress to the Doctor of Medicine.

GAMSAT is not required for this pathway. Upon meeting the GPA requirements, applicants may be invited to complete psychometric testing online and, if successful, proceed to a medical interview as part of the application process.

Who is Eligible for Bond University Medical Program?

Bond Undergraduate Medicine is open for Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, Australian humanitarian visas, and New Zealand citizens. However, the Bachelor of Medicine is currently unavailable for students with New Zealand Permanent Residency.

If you have completed your Year 12 (school leavers) and/or have a key undergraduate degree, you are generally eligible to apply for the Bond Uni Bachelor of Medicine program (BMedST). To apply as an undergraduate applicant, you should've completed the High School Senior Certificate equivalent to Queensland Year 12, regardless of whether or not you have completed tertiary studies.

Bond University Medicine Selection Criteria

Acceptance into Bond Uni Medicine is highly competitive; therefore, applicants must undergo a rigorous assessment process:

1. Bond Uni Undergraduate Medicine ATAR/GPA

For an undergraduate applicant, an ATAR score (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 96 and above, or an International Baccalaureate score of 39 and above is ideal for admission into the Bachelor of Medicine. For graduate applicants, you should achieve a minimum GPA score of at least 6.0 out of 7.0 to be considered for admission.

Students who qualify in this criterion move forward to the next step in the selection process, the Psychometric Test.

  • NOTE: The Bond University Medicine GPA is specifically for applicants entering via the graduate entry pathway who are applying for Bond Uni Undergraduate Medicine.

2. Bond University Psychometric Test

The Bond psychometric test was introduced in 2018 as an additional barrier to select candidates for a medical interview. Here are some quick pointers about how the Bond Psychometric Test works:

  1. Bond Uni Psychometric Test evaluates non-cognitive skills, purely an applicant's personality type.
  2. The answers are primarily pre-determined; this is to shortlist applicants that fit a personality favoured by people in the medical profession
  3. If you fail the Bond University Medicine Psychometric Test, you cannot retake the exam in the following year. Instead, you must wait for two years. Hence, strategic preparation is vital to perform well in this test.

Only 50% of the students who apply for Bond Undergraduate Medicine receive an offer to sit this test before being shortlisted for a medical interview.

3. Bond Uni Medicine Interview

Upon receiving a good result in the psychometric test, you may be invited for a Bond Uni Medical Interview. The interviews are generally conducted in person at Bond University, Gold Coast campus. The Bond Undergraduate Medicine selection process uses the common Multiple Mini Interview format (MMI).

Bond Uni Medical Interview Questions are centred around the following topics:

  • Motivation and Responsibility
  • Knowledge and critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Initiative and teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Ethical decision-making skills
  • Non-verbal reasoning.

Once you succeed at the Bond Uni Medicine Interview, you will receive an offer to study in the Bond Undergraduate Medicine Program.

Confused about what an MMI is? Check out our article on how to approach an MMI interview station!

Alternatively, check out this cool tool that we created, known as Medical MMI Question Generator! It can generate an unlimited number of MMI questions for you to practice from!

Bond University Medical School Application for 2025 Entry

Applying for Bond University Medicine as an Undergraduate

All domestic students must submit their application through QTAC, including all relevant documents and evidence of their subject prerequisites. QTAC determines your eligibility based on your academic performance. Following this, Bond Uni will invite short-listed applicants to undertake the psychometric test and an on-campus Bond Uni Medicine Interview.

  1. Applications are via application to QTAC Course Code 020712: The Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt)
  2. QTAC will determine your eligibility based on an assessment of academic performance.
  3. Bond University will invite short-listed applicants to undertake psychometric testing, and further successful applicants will be invited to attend an on-campus interview.

Applying for Bond University Medicine as a Postgraduate

For more information on semester intakes, please go to important dates and deadlines. Please contact QTAC for any questions regarding preferences and/or supporting documentation.

Please note that a key difference to note here is that undergraduate applicants will submit their applications for QTAC via QTAC Course Code 020712: The Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt), while graduate applicants must apply via QTAC Course Code: 020741: The Bachelor Of Medical Studies (BMedSt) (Graduate Entry).

Bond University Medicine Fees: Is Bond Uni Medicine Worth It?

Bond University Medicine Fees 2024 are approximately $31,370 per semester, over 14 semesters. As mentioned previously, the Bond Undergraduate Medical Program is designed to be an accelerated curriculum. Hence, your fee is directly associated with your study period. If you choose to pursue medicine in Bond, remember that you will be out in the workforce sooner than most other medical schools. The time you save signifies a substantial reduction in your living costs, accommodation and an additional full year or two of extra earnings!

Domestic students (refer to the entry requirements section to check whether or not you are a domestic student) may be eligible for fee assistance from the Australian Government program called the FEE-HELP. Have a look at the Bond Uni website to understand more about this fee structure.

NOTE: The tuition fees are subject to change every year, and students will be charged an appropriate fee for the enrolment year.

Bond University Medicine Important Dates

The following dates are based on the timeline for the application process for the 2025 intake. Typically the key dates for the medical application revolve around the same time each year.

Key Dates Application Timeline
Mid-week of January QTAC applications dates open admission into the Medical Program
End of January QTAC application deadline to apply for the Bachelor of Medicine. Students must provide all supporting documentation to QTAC.
Mid week of February Bond University Psychometric Test invitations are out via email. (Note: Only selected candidates receive the invite for this test)
15-16th February Psychometric test is conducted online
Late February MMI Invitations are sent to applicants who achieved a competitive score in the psychometric test.
Early week of March 2024 Multiple Mini Interviews are conducted by the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine.
Mid Week of March Round 1 offers are released to successful applicants.
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