Bridging Courses | Fraser's GAMSAT

Foundational classes covering all sections of the GAMSAT exam

2 weeks of foundational classes to help you master the fundamentals of the GAMSAT. At the start of your Fraser’s course, our excellent rotation of tutors and experts will help you understand key principles of each GAMSAT section, which forms the basis for the rest of your GAMSAT preparation.

Section 1 (Comprehensive)

Develop your mental analytical skills to better comprehend the core tenets of Section 1 texts. We will help you enhance your understanding of the text structure and train your argument logic so that you will be able to tackle any corresponding questions effectively.

Section 2 (Comprehensive)

Learn how to produce exceptional writing as our experts go through what makes a fantastic essay piece. By reviewing exemplary sample essays, you will learn important theory, and develop a deep understanding of how to think strategically and write effectively.

Section 3 (Comprehensive)

Cover the basics of Section 3 with our classes designed to teach you the necessary scientific knowledge at a beginner level, and how to apply your knowledge in this section. The classes will cover:

  • Biology - pathway principles, systems biology, genetics, epidemiology and accessing graphs and data.
  • Chemistry - fundamentals, reactions, biochemistry, and accessing abstract chemistry.
  • Physics - mathematics, energy and motion, electricity and magnetism, light and sound, fluid principles, and accessing GAMSAT physics questions.

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